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Jumper EZBook 3S Internals

Jumper EZBook 3S Internals Hey guys for just a quick one here thisis the jumper easy book 3s that I recently unboxed and took a look at soit's the revised newer version of the jumper EZBook 3 now you can see thatthey've got a full sized m2 SATA 3 it is in here so that'sthe 22 by 80 millimeter ones so that's why it's faster because this is thesmaller version you can see the difference that's the 22 by 42 ...


Jumper EZBook X1 Review - The Cheaper Teclast F5

Jumper EZBook X1 Review - The Cheaper Teclast F5 This right here is the jumper EZBookx1 and it is basically the exact same laptop as the teclast f5 but it's acheaper version this one sells for about 50 US less it doesn't have stylussupport it has half the RAM but it really is almost the same laptop the11.6 inch IPS panel it has in it is very similar it outputs around about 220 luxwhich is not the brightest I'd like ...