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10 Things From #AliExpress You Can Get For $ 1 Or Less Some Of The Best Cheapest Products

10 Things From #AliExpress You Can Get For $ 1 Or Less Some Of The Best Cheapest Products AliExpress has things for prices that aremuch, much less than you would usually see in your local stores.
In this videowe will see 10 things you can get from AliExpress for $1 or less! Number 10 A friendly monster kitchen assistant. And while it is possible that the monsteritself is a hoax to attract tourists, this one definitely is real, and it can helpyou serve soup. Number 9 Do you ever wonder how do pets feel when youpet them? Well, now you don't have to anymore. Just don't get too crazy, it doesn't get betterpast the scalp. Number 8 An OTG micro-USB to USB adapter.
This one has a card reader on the side.
You can use it, for example, to connect amouse to your smartphone. Why, though? That's a different question. Number 7 Braided micro-USB or an 8-pin iphone cable. AliExpress has a ton of inexpensive electronics.
I have one of these in the shortest length,it is quite nice and very solid. Number 6 Garlic mincer Garlic fights acne, common cold, treats hairloss, lowers heart disease risk, and enhances physical preformance.
So eat more of it. This handy device will help you do it. Number 5 These amazing straw glasses.
I mean, you can wear them and drink from themat the same time! Don't spend all your money on them though,there are 4 more things to see. Number 4 Super creepy yet oddly hypnotizing coin purses. There are a lot of designs you can pick from.
Usually I see these sell for around $5 atlocal markets Number 3 USB card reader. You can use the OTG adapter from number 8to read the cards with your phone, but it's best to make sure your phone supportsOTG, or On-The-Go function.
Number 2 3D socks. There are just so many of them! I will put 4 different links in the descrption,but if you want even more just look in suggested products at the bottom of the page on AliExpresswebsite And number 1. Everything is better with googly eyes. The 100 piece set that is below $1 does nothave sticky tape though, the ones with adhesive are around$2 or less.
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