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Alfawise Tab Review - Premium IPad Mini 4 Clone For 159

Alfawise Tab Review - Premium IPad Mini 4 Clone For $159 So I've got with me here a veryfamiliar-looking 7.9 inch tablet no it's not an iPad Mini 4 but it kind of lookslike one doesn't it because it's using the same display no this is not the JDTab jo1 I reviewed last year this is that model but completely rebranded asthe Alfawise Tab so this is exactly the same model as that one from JD comthat I reviewed last year same specs oh it's got a quad-core MediaTek 8173 CPUin there with a maximum turbo 2 gigahertz 4 gigabytes of RAM 64gigabytes of storage which is not expandable so this does not have a microSD slot on here which is disappointing they really should have that on thereand it does not have HDMI out which I like to have on my tablets but movingalong now looking at the screen so it's 2048 by 1536 resolution it has a maximumbrightness of 440 Lux good looking screen it does produce some very nicecolors and the blacks look quite good on this it's fully laminated covered with ascratch resistant glass inside the gorilla or dragon tail or similar kindof brand there now you will notice that around the edges there is a little bitof this IPS glow at lower brightnesses so this could vary from unit to unit ifthis bothers you then well it's just really a bit of a lottery whether you'regonna have an issue with that or not my unit has a little bit there so lookingat the front of it now we do have rather large looking bezels yes it looks a bitdated now especially we're in 2018 with business being the most popular trendworth displays and now 18 by 9 so we do have a 5 megapixel camera at the topthere with an ambient light sensor right next to it which is great toautomatically control the brightness I love to have this on tablets really forme it is a must we have a capacitive touch menu keys down the bottom makinguse of that large barrel there and they look just fine there no problems withthem once we have a touch accuracy and response of the screen is also reallyquite good now the ROM it has on here is stock Android 6 so it'sdated now isn't an Android six it really should be at least Android seven becausethen we're going to have the split-screen function we're missing outon that with this particular model and security patches and things like that sodon't hold your breath expecting this to get updated to Android 7 or Android 8honestly I don't see that ever happening so moving on to the build of it it'srather premium it has a unibody that weighs only 379 gramsyes I weighed it and the thickness is 7.5 millimeters also very good so it'snice and portable light no Crick's in the design whatsoeververy solid feels good in hand with the all-metal build metal buttons as well onthe right hand side for volume up and down a metal power button on the topwe've got a little strip here you can see there that is for the wirelessantenna reception and Bluetooth by the way it has wireless AC on here dual bandand then a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with microphone support so this outputsreally good audio effect I didn't have any static on this it sounds really goodto me it's quite loud as well on the left hand side we have a anothermicrophone here so on the back we've got the second microphone next to that 8megapixel camera with autofocus which takes really average photos and videogive you sample that later on nothing amazing from that to be expected from atablet and then down the bottom we have this 2 grills here those 2 girls thereand this outputs really nice sound those speakers they have any so dual speakersnot great stereo separation but they make up for that with good loudnessreally good some meds and even a little bit of bass I think these could actuallybe harman or AKG branded speakers because they are exactly the same as theones that were in the JD tab that I reviewed and those were AKG Harmanspeakers we have a type C port here now it's only USB to spec so there's nodisplay out or anything like that either no quick charging it only supports 5volts 2 amps the charger and it will take exactly 4 hours and 25 minutes tofully charge this tablet which is that's slow by today's standards I wouldhave liked to have seen some mediatek pump Express here or quit charging atleast the tablet chips in a very plain box as you can see and all we get inhere is simply a QuickStart guides a 5 volt 2 amp power supply this is an EUone so you plug and then I'll type C cable in white here now the wrongperformance on the Alpha wise tab here is exactly the same as the JD tab I wonwith the quad core processor maximum to over two gigahertz the four gigabytes ofRAM it performs well so Chrome loading pages ARP scrolling and because it'squite a sharp display it all looks really good on there even reading thosetiny little comments and text find no issues with the performance of this ROMmultitasking going between your various different applications that is also veryquick and overall a stock rom that is fast and performs perfectly fine Ihaven't noticed any lag or any bugs there's something unexpected was GPSsupport on here it has a GPS module but it does not have a hardware compass butit still worked ok accuracy down to 3 to 4 meters and I did test it out going fora little walk with that and it didn't seem to have any problem tracking me atall now any car I guess without the compass it won't be as good but trackingyour turns and things but it should still work perfectly fine for that soyou can use this tablet for navigation now antutu did test that out got a scoreof 70,000 that is pretty much the same as any other mtk 81-73 more or less theinternal storage isn't particularly far so it's e MMC 4.5 spec so the sequentialreads here of 145 they aren't too bad and then 84 of Rights and the 4k randomreads as well not bad for this kind of speak of Drive I did test out thewireless I had a little bit of trouble connecting up to my wireless AC here inthe studio and these what the speeds I managed to get out of itso 88 to meters per second download around 78 upload not the fastest herebut it did to my wireless AC at home without anyissues so not too sure why it didn't like the wireless router here in theapartment now on to battery life so I managed to get 8 hours and 41 minutes itsadly powered off at 1% before I could take any screenshots but I did aroundabout 6 hours of gaming so I was pushing it quite hard so if you're looking atfor example just watching videos or like web views and things like that you canexpect at least 9 to 10 hours of battery life is really quite solid on thisparticular alpha wise tab here now we're a tablet like this does stand out isebooks and PDFs because it has that really sharp screen with the PPI of 326and a very good brightness fully laminated display that it's great fore-books it's not the fastest device you'll come across when loading verylarge PDFs but it certainly looks really good and I just love the legibility ofthe screens it's really easy to make out text because of that extra sharpness wehave and of course using it in landscape or portrait is perfectly fine portraitwith the 4 by 3 ratio does fit the pages perfect there you can see and that'sprobably the way most people will use it of course it's personal preference therebut I really do like this tablet for e-books and PDFs and video streamingservices such as Amazon Prime here they run perfectly fine the wireless can keepup no issues with performance whatsoever so finally get another tablet thatactually has decent speakers out of China most of the ones I review theyhave these horrible tiny little non premium speakersthese ones are premium speakers they are loud they even have a hint of bass I'llgive you a sample of them right now now the families is where a majorredesign has taken place here they are slightly different when it comes togaming performance most games run perfectly fine and fluid however thisgame for example shadow fight 3 isn't well optimized with power VR graphics soit runs a little bit laggy but as you can see it's still perfectly playablejust don't expect stellar performance from those games that aren't welloptimised for this particular GPU most of the Android still games I found tendsto be optimized more for the Adreno Snapdragon chipsets so the rear camera can shoot in 1080pand as you can see we've got focus problems here so it's not focusing onthere very well at all in fact I don't think it's got a proper lock that is abig problem resulting in really poor quality image and lacking in detailshere the other thing is that to detail the video itself was a little bit washedout so honestly I don't see a lot of people using it now the focus has comein here you can see that yes the quality's average for 1080p you can usethird-party applications like Open camera to override the focus you can fixthat to an infinity focus or to closer up or macro or something like that andthat does help solve some of that problem you can see it still hasn'trecovered there that focus is a real issue on the rear camera so this is thefront-facing camera I have noticed that there's sometimes a little bit of youfind an egg and choppiness and it does drop frames depending on the lights it's1080p as well just like that rear camera and overall the quality is alrightbetter than a lot of the other tablets I have looked at in this similar pricegroup of around 200 us so overall not too bad from the front-facing camerait's good to see we do have that 1080p and proscribed and things like that isperfectly fine ok guys so to recap here very quickly there's a lot of things tolike about this tablet the weight the sliminess all VAT 7.5 millimetersall-metal build it is a premium tablet very nice screen in here it's a littledated but it's the an excellent screen offering a verysharp resolution with their 326 PPI good brightness as well and fully laminatedit really does make it touch response is also excellent on here I like the ROMit's stock but I don't like the fact that it's Android six now which is justtoo dated and really it should be Android seven and I'd love to seeAndroid eight which I don't think any of the Chinese tablets at least ones Ireview have yet but of course that will be coming this year now the cameraperformance is very average most people will not be buying a tablet for itscameras but you'll get away with using this with Skype especially thefront-facing camera is perfectly fine for Skype calls as well as those dualmicrophones and then the speaker's the speaker's is probably one of the anothersolid positive of this tablet they are really quite goodthey are very loud good output on them and just so much better than the typicalChinese tablet that I reviewed normally have flat quiet speakers and these offera bit of meds and bass in there so that is really good now the another area thatI don't like is the charge time so it takes four thousand twenty five minutesto charge that's rather slow so a little bitbothersome there but at least this battery does last for a long time nowwith my heavy-handed approach battery test so I ran a lot of games justnon-stop playing them and chroming things like that and streaming withyoutube I managed to still get an amazing eight hours plus out of thiswhich i think is really good now taking a little bit easier on this tablet andkeeping the brightness to around about 30-40 percent you should still be ableto get at least nine to ten hours out of this so for me for this size of tabletand the battery capacity and the chipset considering all of that that it's a verysolid battery life you get on this so that's definitely one of the positivesand really it's not a bad tablet at all so it sells for about 200 us which is alot cheaper than the JD tab jo1 which is exactly the same that I reviewed lastyear I think that models still selling for close to 300 u.s.
which is reallyoverpriced to me the price is more it is okay of course if it was a little bitcheaper that would be even better so really it all comes down to the factthat if you a four by three aspect ratio tabletworth the premium build fully laminated screen great speakers go for it but ifAndroid six been dated now is going to bother you the lack of the micro SD cardsupport the fact it has no HDMI out then of course this will be one to skip ohand almost forgot it has GPS onboard which we don't often see so having GPSis great even though it does lack a hardware compass it still is useful forthings like maps and other GPS programs on there so thanks a lot for watchingthis review if you want to check out the review of the GT tab jo1 and then that'sright up gear but it was basically the same exact tablet so really more or lessthe same kind of results from that and then check out some of my otherrecommended tablets like the lenovo right here thanks a lot for watchingthis video and I do hope to see you back in the channel soon bye for now .

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