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#AliExpress Unboxing Haul #7 - Reviewing Stupid Things From Ali By AliHolic

#AliExpress Unboxing Haul #7 - Reviewing Stupid Things From Ali By AliHolic Hello my dear friends, I hope you are ready,because we are about to bring you the new unboxing with some funky AliExpress products.
So sit tight, relax, and enjoy the ride! The first product is magnetic adapters. These are regular micro-USB adapters, howeverthey also have ones for iPhones, or if your phone has a newer type-C plug, you capitalistswine, they have ones for you as well. For the regular micro-USB use link 1 - it’scheaper, for the iPhones and type-C, use link 2. These magnetic adapters are awesome becausethey prolong the life of your charging port, which is a common repair, and a very annoyingthing to happen to pretty much any phone. Buying one of these is much cheaper than replacingthe board, which may or may not be separable from the motherboard, and it feels reallycool when you connect it.
The small adapter that you insert into theplug in your phone acts as a dust plug.
It can be hard to remove, so a prying toolis included. The second product are these ordinarily-lookinggloves, but they have a secret. What do you think it is? Oh no, what is he going to do with this knife? The gloves are made of the special materialthat makes them resistant to cutting. I don’t want to call them no-cut gloves,because with enough force they can be penetrated, as you may have seen in the video review from the channel called Unboxing Therapy.
I use these gloves for camping, as they arewarm and have some abrasion resistance. The third product has been shipped by e-Packet,which I really appreciate.
It even came with a small wooden moustacheas a gift. This is a Do-It-Yourself wooden deer headtrophy. There are a few different sizes availableon AliExpress, with this being the smallest.
It costs just under $4 with free shipping. As I have mentioned before, my new obsessionis weird 3D socks. Unlike 3D sweatshirts, these are made fromcotton, and they are breathable, which is kind of a must for socks, especially for thesummer ones.
I wear size 42 EUR or about 8.5 or 9 American. These socks are one size fits all, and theydo indeed fit fine for me, although if you have a much bigger leg, I don't think it isa good idea for you to buy them.
If you like such socks, check out a separatededicated unboxing video we have for them. Such socks are usually pretty cheap, between$1 and $2 per pair. A few years ago I started using an electrictoothbrush. Original (OEM) replacement heads cost around$15 CAD (~11 USD) for 3 pcs.
in stores, but the aftermarket ones on AliExpress cost amere $5.68 for 20, which is a much better deal These 20 pieces would last me for a few years.
They stay together, do not fall apart, donot get stuck in between the teeth, and do not hurt my gums – so basically, they doeverything that the ones for 20x the price do, and they do it just as well. Essentially, it is just a plastic tube, bristleson the outside and a small spring inside. So I find it ridiculous that they have the audacityto charge so much for such a simple OEM product, so the fact that the aftermarket ones areavailable on AliExpress is a big relief. The next package is a pretty unique item,something that I didn’t think I would buy on AliExpress, but the quality seemed decent,so I went for it. The pillow is made of memory foam, and ittook about 10 minutes to fully form into its current shape.

The yellow bag is a washing machine cover,I believe. It is called an orthopedic pillow, becauseunlike the regular pillow, with which you sleep at an angle, this one keeps your headand neck in a more upright position, which is more anatomically correct, and is muchmore relaxing, and better for your blood flow. The pillow cover is made out of bamboo fiber,the most amazing natural material in my opinion. Sleeping on it is like sleeping on the cloud. The thicker end goes under your neck, givingyour head more support.
I've been using it for a few months now, andmy sleep has gotten a lot better, and I no longer have back pains after bed.
It is very comfortable to sleep on. I fall asleep like a child, and wake up muchmore refreshed. .

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