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Alldocube M5 Unboxing & Review - Helio X20 LTE Ten Core Tablet

Alldocube M5 Unboxing & Review - Helio X20 LTE Ten Core Tablet The is the Alldocube M5 it is a 10.1inch 2560 by 1600 resolution IPS tablet that runs Android 8 it has a ten coreHelio X20 CPU with Mali T880 GPU 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes ofstorage now this model here is a budget offering from cube it is now theirsecond mediatek helio X 20 tablet so it does have 4G support LTE butunfortunately yet again only the Chinese bands there so it will take to microSims as you can see under the plastic here on the back of it and an SD cardmicro SD card so you don't actually have to give up one of those SIM slots whichis good 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and microUSB along the top here a rear 5 megapixel camera a front 2 megapixelcamera and along the sides either side we do have side firing speakers that putout a decent volume but they don't actually sound too good I will give themgive you a sample of those later on in this video here so the battery capacity6600 million hours it isn't huge and you can see the build overall it does have adated look with those larger white bezels and it is an alloy unibody theyhave on the back so it is well put together and in hand feels ok the volumebuttons and the power button well those are made out of plastic and I do have alittle bit of a cheap feel to them that tiny little dot you can see there thatisn't the microphone that's in fact a reset switch and on the front you'llfind a little tiny slot for our microphone so inside the box you get thetablet and this protective sleeve and it will come with a pre applied screenprotector in the factory and normally they put them on perfectly and then justunder this right here we have the power supply and our USB micro USB cable sothat power supply is very small it's rated to 5 volts 2m so it's not a quickcharger the USB cable is quite short it's in white and we do have this quickguide here which is in Chinese but also English on the reverse side which isgood the m5 weighs 548 grams which isn't too bad for a 10.1 inch tablet and thethickness is 9.3 millimeters so it's not the thinnest now the display of the autotube m5 is somewhat of a letdown while it does have a nice resolution 2560 by1600 it's an IPS panel the color reproduction is okay you can tweak itwith the mirror vision application so you can tweak those whites to your ownpreference see if you like cool whites warm whites out of the box it's okay thecolors are a little bit off as you expect for a hundred and eighty UStablet so we're it disappoints as maximum brightness it only outputs up toabout a hundred and ninety Lux on the max setting which is simply not enoughmore so considering that this screen is not fully laminated like some of theother tablets that I have reviewed recently they're being fully laminated Ican give you a couple examples there so the tech last t10 is one of them andthere's also another model from Chile of course which is the hi9 ear that is alsofully laminated so this is way more susceptible to reflections the gap isapproximately to 0.5 millimeters so it's not the greatest you get about 57gigabytes free on first boot you can of course expand upon that with the microSD card slot one of the best things about the m5 is the ROM so it's 100%stock there's no custom launches and it doesn't have any Chinese bloatware andyou can also see that we do have this right here hardware FM radio all youneed to do is just insert a headset which will act as the antenna for the FMtuner now the overall ROM performance is OK you do see a little bit of stuttersometimes and even just the animations you'll notice it's not 100% smooth thewhole time but overall in general I feel for the price of this tablet it is goodand because it is an Android 8 tablet or since Android 7 we can also run appsthat support it in split-screen mode which is also possible and all you needto do simply for that as just hold down one of the app so for example right nowI have Chrome open here and I can just move this over and then you can alsolaunch another app right there and rainbow for them now depending onwhat apps you're running that will of course affect their performance so itdoes support to Google's wired vine level one and this is the DRM info sowhen it comes to things like Netflix Netflix streaming that you will be ableto get HD at least with this and I also have streamed Amazon Prime video and itworks perfectly fine on here so being Android 8 it does supportTribble but it doesn't have the full seamless update support as you can seehere unsupported so that's not great to see now testing out the wireless ACperformance the range is good it's okay it's not the greatest they have seen andmaximum performance I could get out of my wireless AC router is about 212 to250 megabits per second that was a download speeds here I also did test outanother download test you can see so upload slightly faster here 247 but forthe price again of this tablet I feel that that is okay and you're not reallygonna get any better than that out of this particular chipset hereso 4G speeds there alright I would call this an OK kind of speed considering I'mwith orange here in Spain and they are very slow they're rubbish I can't seemto get really any better than this now the LTE bands are very limited sothere's no LTE band 24 other European users the good thing is that here inSpain at least I can always use the bands that they ship with these Chinesemobile phones and tablets and here is the internal storage so it's a MMC fourpoint five point one spec and you know these speeds aren't great they could bea lot faster they could also be a lot slower I said to see they couldn't useMMC 5.1 which just would be a little bit faster but this overall will not affectthe performance of the device GPS so yes it does have GPS and I managed to getaccuracy of around about 4 to 5 meters which isn't bad but it doesn't tend tolock on to to many satellites it doesn't use them all and it also does not have ahardware compass and lastly the end to to score so 103,000 for the Helio X 20this chipset here from MediaTek paired up with the Mele t8 80 GPU this isactually a good score this is not bad now the average memory uses two pointthree gigabytes here and has four gigabytes in total whichI feel is perfectly fine for an Android 8 tablet to have 4 gigabytes even 3gigabytes is fine what I don't recommend is those older tablets that only have 2gigabytes of RAM inside the audio cube m5 we have a six thousand six hundredmillion hour battery and so far in my test here you can see four hours andseven minutes of on screen time I have 32% battery left and my estimates hereare around about seven and a half hours and I do believe that because I havebeen gaming and this has been very heavy use of being playing lineage torevolution for about two hours and it also played some pub G shadow fight 3 aswell so that's demanding you so if you're doing something just like webbrowsing then expect these figures to be a little bit higher and I've been onwireless most of the time a little bit of data so if you use data a lot moreagain expect less this is only just an estimate of the battery life now tofully charge it is going to take close to four hours so it is very slow it'sonly charging at five volts two amps now the screen because it does have the 2560by 1600 resolution it looks good for e-books you can see I've got an examplehere I'm using Google play's books and it's good it's great for this now if youload up heavy PDF files so lots of images expect a little bit of slowdownit will take a little while to catch up that's just how it is with this chipsetso it's not going to give you amazing iPad like performance no but for thiskind of stuff these Lite ebooks it's fine for this as I pointed out in thebeginning of the video here so we've got two side firing speakers and yes youguessed it they don't sound great the volume is okay but they really do lackquality I'll give you a sample of them now at 100% so looking at PUBG performance it'snot the smoothest but it does seem to be a little bit better than some of theother Helio x20 tablets I have tested so you can see that just moving aroundthere now there's a little bit of starter now this is on the lowersettings which the game auto detects I would not increase that and you canactually increase that without using something like GFX tool so when you zoomin here we'll discuss a that that's fine I mean I managed to get here 16 killsbut it's only a low-level game against pretty much bots and very few humanplayers just the ones on my side there and of course having the bigger screenjust does make this a lot more comfortable than say playing on yourmobile phone the other thing is that your mobile phone if it's got an AdrenoGPU in it a Snapdragon chip said that it probably actually will be a little bitsmoother and faster than the Mele t8 80 here which can be a little bit leggy attimes now other titles like lineage 2 revolution this one here is on therecommended setting so it's just medium settings and you will notice that thereis some definite stutter and lag at times but again it is overall playablesome point out from that front-facing camera it's 2 megapixels and the audioquality I feel is OK the quality of the camera itself is going to be fine forthings like Skype but it does look a little bit blurry so it's lacking alittle bit of detail but over I feel again for the price of this tablet youknow this is this is fine this is acceptable the rear camera will not takea great photo it will not take good video it's similar kind of quality likethis so your cell phone that you have will take a bit of photo and videodifferently than this budget tablet all right so to quickly recap here we'regetting a reasonable build quality it's an alloy unibody has okay the buttons onthe side are plastic we do have side firing speakers but there's no creaks inthe case the design there's no flex in it and that overall is good consideringthe price of it now battery life forget about seven perhaps even eight hours ifyour gaming does non-stop then expect about five hours a better performanceout of the six thousand six hundred million hour battery performance ingeneral is good it's not great you will see some stutters and lag herethey're gaming it will play all the latest demanding new titles but it willbe best to leave things on the lowest setting now and then I did encounter afew stutters a little bit of lag and performance but I roll you can still wingames you can still shoot people aim and things like that and PUBG so theperformance is good but it's just not amazing there it's not going to be thefastest out there definitely not so we do have some good extras on this tabletwhat I mean by extras is we've got GPS that you don't normally see we have FM radio which is also nice to have on here and we've got wireless AC that'stypical now wireless AC but also dual sim support but there's a bit of a conwith that dual SIM support because the LTE bands well they're not the frequentcommon ones that you would normally get in this part of the world so they'rereally chinese bands and luckily they do work for me here in Spain but do checkwith your provider because you may be stuck on 3G which is going to be alittle bit slow so while this performance is fine there's nothingwrong with that the 4G performance as well as good and the charge time yesit's slow it's closer to four hours to fully charge this once you completelydrain it's not supporting MediaTek's pump express or anything like that.does have that or could use that sorry we're all it comes down to just a coupleof things that I'm not too fond of as the screen brightness that it's reallyfar too dim it maxes out about 190 lux and considering that this screen is alsonon laminated you get more reflections and it's more susceptible to depths andit just doesn't look as good or as bright again and they've got a screenprotector on ER that it comes pre apply with because the glass is on here is notscratch resistant so is it a tablet that I can recommend if you're on a limitedbudget and you're not after or you don't need the absolute best performance forthat you've probably bid off to get a 2018 iPad which a lot of people thinkasking what is the fastest tablet for the cheapest price that is it but ifyou're on a budget and you don't wanna spend more than about 180 us then Ibelieve that this is an OK option but just bear in mind the LTE bands thespeaker quality is not going to be amazing but you gain things like GPS 4Gif you get the band support and over I feel decent and better life there sothis is an OK tablet from cube definitely better than thealldocube x1 that ran into some thermal throttling and got very naggy at leastthat's terribly here I didn't experience any of that lag and the three hours orso that I was actually playing games on this thanks a lot for watching thisreview my latest videos are right up here and also have another tablet reviewright up here so please check that out if you're interested and I do hope tosee you back in the channel soon bye for now .

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