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Alldocube M8 Review 8" Dual SIM LTE Android 8 Tablet

Alldocube M8 Review 8 Dual SIM LTE Android 8 Tablet This right here is the Alldocube m8 soit is an 8 inch 1920 by 1200 IPS screen tablet it runs Android 8.0 and it hasdual SIM support on here it's got LTE band 20 and even has been for in acouple of the American bands GPS you can make voice calls on it it has the helioX 27 Deca-core chipset with Mali T8 80 it's not the fastest chipset aroundbut this particular tablet for the price does actually offer quite a lot it'sselling for about a hundred and twenty hundred and thirty US and it also has aslightly larger five thousand five hundred million hour battery so let'scheck it out and see whether this one is any good in the Box you will find aQuick Start Guide a microUSB to USB cable the tablet where they pre appliedscreen protector and that's it there was no charger included they mate weighs 354grams and is eight point six millimeters thick so let's take a look at the buildit is mostly plastic so the frame all around the outside it is all made ofplastic but this backing here that is an alloy they've used it's got a mattecoating to it and it does pick up fingerprints along the top you will finda micro USB answer no type-c with this one here 3.5 millimeter headphone jackthere with mic support and a rear five megapixel camera and then the top covercomes off to reveal then our two micro SIM slots your micro SD card slot aswell tested 128 gigabytes working without any problems and the micro SDcard can be set up as the internal storage but only got 32 gigabytes onthis model so it's not a lot once you start to install some of those big gamesand up the top yes we do have a rather large top and bottom bezel there's acamera here it's 2 megapixels as a fixed focus and again not wonderful yourmobile phone is gonna take a much better video or photo on the right we've gotplastic volume up and down and power buttons that little hole below is alittle reset button now these buttons they're plastic so they don't have aquality feel to them but they don't at least rattle around and then down thebottom we have a single speaker here now the loudness of this is okay I'll giveyou a sample later on in the video but it's not a quality speaker sostereo speakers and no micro HDMI out is on this either which is unfortunate nowfor this price point and being a budget tablet I did not expect a fullylaminated screen and here we have a gap between the touch digitizer glass andthen the IPS panel below of approximately 1.5 millimeters on screenpushes out a respectable 400 Lux which is not bad normally these budget tabletsare only pushing out about a hundred and ninety sometimes I need 200 or 250 atmax so brightness does check out and if you look at real world images they'realright it's not too bad we get a lot of reflection of course because the screensnot fully laminated and I do have still the pre-appliedfactory screen protector on here I roll I mean it's an OK panel it's notanything amazing and it's just a shame that it's not fully laminated you knowit does have a stock Android 8 ROM and these are the apps you get so there's noreal bloatware on here and you will note - FM radio so yes if you plug in a hitset you can listen to FM radio the tuner doesn't seem to be super powerful it'llpick up the strongest frequencies but ones a little bit hard to get and ittends to be quite a bit of interference and static but overall it's good to havethis option on this tablet if you take a look at the security patch level it'sFebruary the 5th 2018 so that's almost one year old there and don't expect thisto ever be updated even though it does have a wireless update system I did getthis patch come through which was a 16 megabyte update so at least audio cubeare fixing some of the bugs they have encountered when you take a look at freestorage we've only got about 23 gigabytes free on here but as I pointedout it does support micro SD cards up to 128 gigabytes tested and you can use itas the internal storage which is good so here is our geek bench for score it'snot bad for this chipset single core score and the multi-core score that'sright and this is the open CL score here andthen of course our GPS which is onboard here which is great oh and to to scorethis is very similar to other hey Leo X 27 even the X 23 and X 20s get a similarkind of score so this is somewhere around a snapdragon 625it's not a particularly powerful chipset and of course it would not be one of myvideos without testing the internal storage speed so it's using even seefour point five point one spec and for that kind of type of drive these speedshere are reasonable they're respectable and I just wanted to point out here thatyou can see at the top I've got two three G's right there you can see so Idid have dual sim running in this and I was running perfectly fine no problemsand I even made a voice call you can see I just called someone and the soundcomes out of the loudspeaker because there's no earpiece but if you plug in aheadset and then you can make a call at least in private and it does work fine Ifound the quality to be just like a mobile phone and this one here was to beexpected so wide vine security level three they haven't got a level one certAldi cube they wouldn't were the tablet of this price range in most Chinesetablets in fact do not have this so you cannot play Netflix in Full HD or HD youcan get YouTube in HD but just not Netflix and here's our battery life soit has a five thousand five hundred million power battery which is actuallya little bit larger than what you typically get in this category of tabletnorm you only get about four thousand if you're lucky maybe four thousand twohundred four thousand five hundred so a little bit larger there and that means Iwas able to get here you can see this is 50 sorry forty four percent and I hadfour hours and 44 minutes of screen on time and this is the end result herethat I ended up getting so eight hours of screen on time now this was kept on arelatively low brightness here and most of the time it was on wireless so ifyou're gonna be using data using LTE a slightly brighter setting than what Ihad expect I would say about six to seven hours of on-screen time but I'mjust showing you the maximum you can get if you really look after that batterythen you're able to squeeze out eight hours here which I feel isn't too bad okso it's all very well those benchmarks but what about the actual ROMperformance well it's for the most part actually quite smooth you can see herenormally you get a little bit as sometimes touch important and has beenreally choppy on some of the hey Leo x27 tablets I've looked at now why this isrunning a little bit better I feels because it's running that resolution ofonly 1920 by 1200 the other that I have been testing out if you seemy reviewers have been 2560 by 1600 which is really quite demanding so forthe most part it's gonna be smooth like this when you start to multitask alittle bit heavier start opening things up you notice the a little bit of lagthere it's not as fast as a snapdragon 616 ablet and if i just go out of thisagain and when you do do some split-screen I've noticed for examplefile later go into Chrome that's when you see things start to just get alittle bit slower there and it does tend to bog down a little bit so I've gotlegends in the background actually they're running which is a game ofcourse so just get back to the home screen and real one chrome and I justEmin straight that this is where things can get a little bit choppy you'repushing really the limits of this particular chipset so I'll just bring upmy website get that to load in now the wireless performance I've had noproblems with the wireless range the reception 4G as well is working reallygood here so no problems with that so here in the split screen you can see I'mable to scroll here I've got the gallery open go through that and you get alittle bit you can see a little bit of slowdown just coming in there butoverall this is I'd have to say one other slightly better performing Helierx20 tablets that I have reviewed again because I feel of that lower screenresolution now looking at a PDF file so for your ebooks your PDF files you'renot going to get amazing performance with super large PDF files but thescreen is ok the resolution is not the sharpest you can see the text here fineand we do have to remember that built into the ROM at least we've got a coupleof settings up here to help with your eyesight so we've got that blue filteron there which is called iComfort you can turn that on and then you've alsogot reader reader just makes everything black and white as well this may perhapssave a little bit on battery life so for a light test like this like ebooks PDFfiles this is probably where you going to get the best kind of battery lifebecause it's very light use and here's just a quick closeup of the text so youcan see that when you zoom in you are going to see pixels if you look at thescreen really close so the task manager seems to be reasonably good at keepingthings in RAM even though we've only got three gigabytes of RAM I've noticed thatit's actually performing a little bit better and not killing off things asquick as even some mobile phones a lot of mobile phones will just killvery quickly you can see that now I've got legions still there running in thebackground so that's taking up a bit of the RAM the game of course and when yougo through here you get just a little bit slower now but it's not bogging downcompletely and I'll give you an example now of just streaming so this is one ofmy videos and it's in 1080p and it'll stream just fine no problems I testedout Amazon Prime video as well that's gonna workyou can see it looks good here okay so what about audio normally these speakersthey're terrible right yeah we've only got one mono speaker on the bottom itdoesn't have any base but the loudness actually checks out it's alright anddepending on what content you're playing for example some games it is really loudbut here's a sample of it so as you can hear from that samplethere's a bit of volume to it not too bad and the 3.5 millimeterheadphone jack as well the output is clear no hiss no static and it does havean okay amount of volume to it as well now demanding games like shadow gunlegends here so on the lower settings it's playable but it's not exactlyrunning at a full 60 frames per second or even 30 at times you can see theframerate definitely does dip down so this is probably one of the mostdemanding games out there at the moment that I'll test and then pub gee this ison the lowest setting of course that's all you want to run with the Helier X 27or any of the hell your chipsets here and it looks to be playable I mean Ithink so far the framerate is keeping up there towards 30 a few little stuttershere and there a couple of little bits of lag that I've noticed already and Iwas going to show you some gameplay before but I died instantlyand I said yeah look around and there's a little bit of lag there and whenyou're going with the scope and move it's gonna be playable but really justonly just I feel and load of titles like shadow fight 3 for example you can seehere this one still has a little bit of lag to it so it doesn't have the bestgaming performance this tablet this is sample now of that front facing webcamso you can see the quality is not amazing you get a lot of lag with theviewfinder if you need to use this for Skype calls or any other voice chat appsor whatever it's going to be possible it's going to be alright as you can seeand this is the microphone as well that's been recorded on the microphoneis actually on the front bezel right at the top so there we go guys that is theaudio cube m8 it has your typical shortcomings of a Chinese tablet abudget one at that price to run 125 us so we have middle on the back but we dohave a plastic frame around there plastic buttons the screen is nonlaminated and the speaker is just a single speaker so no stereo speakers theslowness is okay to reasonable than our high quality speaker webcams aren't thatbrilliant the performance you do sometimes get a little bit of stutterhere and there especially when you do split screen some games are going to bea little bit laggy entropy as well but for the most partgames out there that I've tested they will at least be playable so all up Ifeel for the price the features are getting okay GPS, LTE so my two micro Sims can go on this and a microSD card and you canmake voice calls and it does have LTE band 20 and even some of those bands forthe US as well so that's a positive you're getting a lot I feel for themoney out of this yeah it's got Android eight it's not the latest not the latestsecurity patches 'evil either and it will probably never get Android 9 eitherAndroid pipe or they wouldn't never come through to this it does at least haveOTA updates so all up a good tablet yeah it's a good tailor but an amazing talebut no definitely not but for the price as I mentioned I feel yeah it's not toobad if you don't expect the absolute best performance thank you so much forwatching this review here and I do have to catch you back in the channel withmore up-and-coming tablet reviews bye for now .

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