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Best 1111 Deals Of 2017 On #AliExpress - OVERVIEW

Best 1111 Deals Of 2017 On #AliExpress - OVERVIEW The 11.11 sale is coming, and many of us areexcited about it.
Despite the changes and incidents that wehave noticed over the years, which I will talk about later in this video, there arestill good deals that deserve being seen - and I will show the ones that I think you shoulddefinitely look at. In our blog post called “The Truth AboutThe 11.11 Sale”, which is the highest ranked non AliExpress-owned result on Google fora number of searches, I have shown the screenshots of the deals before and after the 11.11 saleprices were introduced. The reason I think it's popular is becauseit shows that the discounts should be taken with a grain of salt, and not all of the areas good as they seem. The 11.11 sale, also known as the SinglesDay Sale, is an annual event that takes place on November 11. It is hands down the biggest sale event onAliExpress.
Last year $17.8 billion, yes, billion, worthof sales were made, and it is expected to be even bigger this year.
Since the volume increases, the sellers canafford to sell their goods at a lower profit margin, but as experience shows, it is notalways the case. Many people have noticed that the price isincreased a week before the sale, and is then dropped to the regular price on the day ofthe sale, but it is a pretty old trick, and since we live in a digital age and the goodsare rarely unique to a particular seller, there is always a possibility to verify theprices and compare them. Which is what I have been doing this weekend:I looked at the deals from stores, that historically have been honest with their offerings. I compared their core sale offers with theprices on other websites like DHGate, BangGood and GearBest, and in some cases even withAmazon.
The deals that looked genuine were added tothis video. So, let’s begin.
Smart watches have not yet reached their peak,and they are still getting more and more popular. The barrier of entry has decreased as well,and you can get this simpler model from SKMEI for as low as $16. This gadget counts your steps taken, caloriesburnt, and notifies you about the incoming calls and text messages.
It can be waterproof up to 50 meters - butthe manufacturer suggests that you don’t press any buttons when underwater. 360 Photo and video has been getting veryhot lately. If you are looking to get into it, now isas good a time as any.
SJCam’s 360 camera, will be available for$129, with the possibility of additional discounts through store coupons. There is a limited amount of them available,so look in the store to see if there are any left.
They will become available on the day of thesale. 1080 Is what most screens today will support,but if you want a higher resolution to stay ahead of time, Xiaomi’s Mijia 360 camerawill be sold for $229. Xiaomi will also have 50 $5 off coupons availablein the store, so act quick if you want to grab one.This camera has a claimed by themanufacturer waterproof and dustproof rating of IP67, it shoots videos in 3.5K and hasan aperture of 2.0, which minimizes the stitch lines. Phone charger cables, especially the qualityones, are always welcomed.
We have seen the branded braided ones go foraround $3, during the 11.11 sale this type-C usb cable can be bought for $1.96.
UGreen, a brand that has gained a good reputationfor their high-quality cables is offering a few of their products at a discount duringthis year’s sale as well. At this point, they are fighting for theirshare of the market, and the amount of sales is critical. I suggest you pay attention to them, becausecompared to other stores, their sale prices seem pretty attractive. USB 3.0 protocol is a new, faster USB port. It can typically be identified by the blueplastic in the port.

It can handle speeds up to 10 times as fastas the regular USB connection. These waterproof and drop-proof USB’s startat $8 for 8 GB. There are different shapes and size capacitiesavailable in the store. If you want to connect your fancy USB 3.0card to your fancy USB type-c smartphone, there is this fancy adapter for $1.96. It will also let OTG-capable devices to usecomputer mouse and keyboards with your phone or tablet.
Historically, this poster store has been offeringpretty decent 11.11 deals.
I always like to recommend them to peoplelooking to spice up their home with some cool wall decor and other decorative stuff. Like these business dog poster, just lookat this gangsta. Bluetooth headphones have been getting a lotmore popular recently, and if you want to also ditch the unnecessary wires, you cando so - these Intone P6 bluetooth headphones, that are typically around $35 on amazon, gofor $18.35 during this year’s sale. Although, I must mention that you can findthem for slightly less on GearBest - I will put both links in the description.
If the brand name does not matter for you,you can get cheaper headphones from Zapet for $11.57. They have all the base features that you willexpect from bluetooth headphones, like hands-free talking and SD card support.
They have been bought over and the feedbackon them For the phone geeks, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 thatcame out this September is going on sale, for $489, and there are additional couponsin the store that can help you save another $8 or so. It is a very good phone with pretty impressivespecs, and I strongly recommend looking at their flagship models if you are consideringgetting a higher-end phone. If you are on a tighter budget, check outXiaomi’s Redmi 4x, which is a budget model, with nevertheless sweet specs for the price.
The closest lowest price I’ve seen thismodel in a similar complectation go for is $140, and here we can get it for $117. This and the Mi Mix 2 are limited quantitydeals, which means only the first few hundred units will be sold at the discounted pricebefore it raises to the normal level. If you are in between the discount coupons,you can get the Mi Smart Band 2 for $20.99.
These are definitely not all of the discounts,this is just the beginning. I strongly recommend to spend some time addingthe products to the cart prior to the day of the sale.
Then on the day of go through the stores toclaim your coupons. After that, check our blog again for the newpost, or check your email if you are subscribed to the updates. I will keep looking for more discounts, andthe second part on the midnight of the November 11. I have also prepared a list of stores withgood discount coupons, so definitely check that post out.
The link to the subscription for is pinnedin comments.
And before you make the final payment, makesure to check our blog to see if there are any other good deals that you might have missed! .

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