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Chuwi Hi9 Pro Unboxing & In Depth Review

Chuwi Hi9 Pro Unboxing & In Depth Review Chris here back with another tabletreview so this time around it is Chuwi's latest which is the hi9 pro so this isone of those mediatek helio X 20 tablets I've looked at a few now the chipset isokay it does have a lot of features like GPS FM radio and dual SIM LTE about theGPU it's paired up with the old Mele T 880 isn't exactly the fastest but as yousee in this review that you can still play games as long as you're on thelower settings with demanding titles like pub G so it has an 8 megapixelcamera on the rear of it five up front it even has an earpiece and could beused as a mass of 8.4 inch mobile phone so the screen resolution is 2560 by 1600it's a fully laminated IPS panel so it should look very decent and the batterycapacity is a five thousand milliamp hours and it even has a type C port onit so really the only thing this tablet is missing to me is micro HDMI out or atleast HDMI out by the type C port which it doesn'tunfortunately support so let's take a look what we get in the boxthe tablet they obviously in a sleeve we'll have a look at that in just aminute we've got a little pouch in here and this will have your warranty yourguarantee cards a little quality inspection certificate thing there andthis is in both Chinese by the looks of it and English as well that's just allyour specs and it's also showing you that SIM tray slot so it's either microSD card nano SIM or 2 nano SIM just like the Helio x20 mobile phonesI've reviewed floating around in the box of course is the SIM tray tool which I'mgoing to need and then in the side pouch here we get a black type-c cable reallygood to see it's using type-c by the way and not micro USB and then our tinylittle charger here which is rated to 5 volts 2 amps so this does not supportmedia ticks pump Express this tablet even though the chipset does so weighs375 grams and is around about 9.35 millimeters at thevicars point so the hi9 Pro has this metal alloy on the rear but the tops andbottom are made out of plastic that's for the wireless antennas of course andthen the LTE antennas so along the bottom you'll find just a single monospeaker here now if this is anything like the hi-8 or they chain own speakersthis is going to be pretty bad and perhaps the biggest con of this tabletso well rear camera here is in a samsung 8 megapixel one autofocus and you'll seeup the top here we've got the sim tray I just wanted to pull that out just toshow you that it is actually made out of metal I thought it might be one of thosereally cheap plastic ones so good to see they didn't resort to plastic here thesame goes for the buttons again made out of metal I thought they might have beenplastic considering the price of this tablet and is a tiny little hole therethat you probably can't actually make out it's a little hard to get on cameraand what that is to me it looks like a reset button perhaps right on the topyou'll find a 3.5 mm a headphone jack with microphone support then the type Cport for data and charging it's only USB 2 spec here you can see something wedon't normally get on an 8.4 inch tablet and that is an earpiece so yes it can beused as a phone it has a proximity sensor and perhaps even an ambient lightsense I hope it does and there's a camera there as well which is a fivemegapixel one and you're probably wondering where that microphone is forcalls and video it's right here to the tiny little hole there so overall forthe price the build quality is actually a lot better than I thought it was goingto be I expected to see plastic buttons at least and they've got the texture onthat button too painted it red just to give it a bit of a gamer look perhapsand there is no perhaps a tiny little bit of flex there and the case but Ican't hear any creeks or anything so I roll the build is a very decent so itdoes come with a pre applied screen protector you can see but normally thefactory gets this right the first time and they put them on really well but youcan see here there's a lot of air bubbles so I will probably just have toyeah look at that that's an absolute mess I'm just going to have to go withno screen protector so first glimpse at the screen yes the left and right bezelsdo look bit larger than air Press images we're getting a lot of this aren't wefrom people who tryna come he's from China that just tend to tweak thoseimages to make Bissell's look a little slimmer I wish they would stop doingthat so we've got all your languages on there that you normally get this isstock Android eight which is great and it also uses Google's G board which isgreat too so no funny custom keyboard here so here we go in Android its stockAndroid of course now I just wanted to update you that yes there is a hapticfeedback motor in there you get a very slight vibration it's not a lot but it'sbetter than nothing I just noticed it when I was typing with the keyboard toset up my Google account and everything so it is running you can see stockAndroid as mentioned and those are the pre-installed apps so it is a very lightROM and you'll see that we've also got right there FM radio you just need toconnect up a headset that acts as the antenna and then you're ready to go withthat you don't actually get that on a lot of tablets just like GPS too whichis really good to have on this so you get twenty five point six gigabytes freeon this 32 gigabytes of storage but do remember that you can at least add amicro SD card to this and expand upon that storage now it is running android8.0 not 8.1 unfortunately and the security patch level is from June thefifth so let's take a detailed look now at this display I think it's really goodconsidering the price of this tablet it does have pretty decent colorreproduction now the gammas 2.1 and it's not far off from 2.2 so the gamma isalmost spot-on not bad at all maximum brightness is where it's lacking I feela little here it comes out of 250 Lux for a fully laminated display that'sfine indoors as you can see now but outdoors really I would like to see alot more brightness there so they have toned that down with this panel anotherthing to note is that the DPI which is the scaling and Android here is set to320 which you normally see on mobile phones and I feel for the 8.4 inches andthe resolution that's good for me personally but for some people that maynot have the best eyesight you may find text a little small and you probablynoticed that already when I showed you the settings and things at just howsmall the text is going to be a lot of manufacturers will end upsetting this to normally around about 480 the DPI here but overall it is anice screen fully laminated so you're not gonna have that ugly gap highresolution but that high resolution does mean I am seeing a little bit of lag andstutter here and there I do feel that this chipset is better suited to just1080p or 1200 P the glass the views on the display as well as 2.5 D so it hasthose nice rounded edges here and I don't know whether it's dragon tail orgorilla glass it did come with a pre applied screen protector so I wouldprobably leave that on there if of course it doesn't have all the bubblesunderneath so sensors very basic here we've just got an accelerometer and thena proximity sensor but when you use it as a large mobile phone the display willalso dim down very dim as you can see now and this is going to be good forlate time you so thumbs up to chewy for setting it nice and low a lot ofmanufacturers still keep the lowest setting far too high now before I gothrough my typical benchmarks I wanted to talk about the performance of it Ithink this chipset is really struggling with the 2560 by 1600 resolution so mywebsite here does have a lot of images you could say it's rather heavy and thetouch response is good no problems were there I haven't had any issues withtouch response you just notice animation lag Algar all with the tablet just feelsa little on the leggy side a little slow and you can probably see it just whenyou go thrinng ximena's basic multitasking like right now I'm tryingto close down on apps just to keep things a little bit fluid but even whenwe just going through here and having a look at your different applications andthings you just notice that now and then it's just not as fluid as it could beand this is especially noticeable going from say Michelle Mimi pad 4 and then tothis tablet it's just not quite as good so YouTube Netflix that actually works Itested it out but it's only standard definition because it's Widevine levelone and I did test out YouTube to YouTube that ever courses on here thatcomes with the ROM and you up to 1440p now streaming as fluid it's going tohave no problems with that it's going to keep up with everything there so I'lljust go to one of my videos and show you and you can see now see how thingsjust seemed a little bit slow when they load through and for some reason I havea Spanish ad over my English video because I'm in Spain of course but thiscurrently is in 1440p and it does play these videos really quite fluid andoverall looks nice now those starters come a little bit more obvious when youstart to do for example multitasking or split screen much like running at themoment so since Android 7 were got split screen which is really great you canlook at your emails look at a website and still be watching for example one ofmy videos which I'm doing still in 1440p and you notice that now when you gothrough the abscess see there's noticeable stutter this lag it's just alittle slow there and not the quickest so I will go back into Chrome whichshould still be open here and you'll see that the scrolling that is okay so youcan read this about the performance has degraded somewhat of course running twothings at once all right so I did make a phone call on this and it says expectedI didn't expect it was going to be amazing qualities so the if it's at thetop I would say is not really loud enough it tends to vibrate distort atthe minimum so not great quality but again it's kind of good to have this inhere and at this price point I feel it's okay and I tested out the speakerphoneit's not brilliant either but I'll give you a sample now of that rare speaker okay must admit it doesn't actuallysound as bad as I thought it would I was prejudging there wasn't Iyou just assume it's gonna be bad because it normally is it's not anamazing speaker but it does have a little bit of bass and the volume Iwould rate as being okay I feel it's sufficient again looking at the price ofthis tablet now as I pointed out so it's Widevine level three that it supports aNASA standard definition Netflix so on Play Store you can install Netflix I'vealready done that but it's just the standard definition that's all you'regonna get now the tablet does support projectTribble but seamless updates they're not supported there's no access to partitionslots a and B and let's be honest here it's probably going to be stuck onandroid 8.0 forever I don't ever see this gettingAndroid P Android 9 and GPS it works ok it doesn't lock on to every singlesatellite out there media tech for me have never had the best GPS Qualcommjust do it way better accuracy hovers around four to five metersyour mobile phone will probably be more accurate and this does not support ahardware compass moving on now to the connectivity so the 4G speeds testedhere really good no problems with the signal strength I think it was one ofthese ones I first tested out it was the ordered cube x1 I think was one of themthey had really poor signal strength not happening here it's perfectly fine andthe wireless range and speeds also good so it's gonna top out and my testingaround about 200 200 in 20 megabits per second so this one I was expectinginternal storage speeds 67 megabytes per second sequential and 45 writes quiteslow this is not MMC 5.1 spec this is only MMC 4.5 point one and at thesmaller 32 gigabytes they always tend to be quite slow but this is one of theslower ones down to to score this is on par with other hey Leo X 20 devices Ihave reviewed both phones and tablets so cluster hundredssome points here but synthetic benchmarks are not everything as I'vepointed out it tends to struggle this chipset pushing the 2560 by 1600resolution ebooks they look good on the screen because it is very sharp and ifyou're just reading ebooks then your battery life is gonna be a lot betterit's probably gonna be around 6 to 7 hours as well when i zoom right into thetext this gives you an idea of the kind of sharpness you're getting it's veryhard to actually make out pixels on this because of the resolution at 8.4 inchesand testing out a rather large PDF file this one's about 3540 megabytesthe performance is ok you can see scrolling your head it's definitely notthe fastest uno will not compete with an iPad no way those processes are muchquicker there you can see you do see some lag it is struggling a little bitat time so if I just zoom into this it's definitely not the best performance Ihave seen skipping here with some pages a little while to catch up and then loadit in those files you can see so not amazing performance but PDF files dolook good on this high resolution screen now I'm moving on to gaming so I'm goingto test out a very demanding title which is pop G you're probably aware of it andfortnight's also going to be out soon for many devices and this is going tohave to run everything on the lost settings and that's all you can selectyou can't even go with balance with pub G in fact no you can't go a balancesorry but I do not recommend it go on the lower settings just to keep thatframe rate up it's playable as you'll see now but it can get quite choppy attimes so most of the time the game is really struggling to get 30 frames persecond now it is playable but I would class this as only just play ball yousee when you zoom in there's a little bit of a stutter and just moving aroundyou do get quite a bit of lag there but lighter titles like shadow fight 3this does run with fluid playable frameratesmuch smoother it's just as really demanding titles and it's a sample ofthe front-facing camera and the audio so it's just mono there's just that littlemic on the bottom it looks like a little tiny little slot it's just a gap thereand this quality is that's alright it's not definitely gonna win any awards andyour mobile phone will probably be 10 times better than this but I feel it'susable for Skype and your Google Voice chat apps and things like that like duothat is all gonna work with this and that's the main thing and a very quicksample or video on the rear so your mobile phone will do a much better jobthan this not amazing quality you can see but at least we can record video solooking at battery life I can give you quite a good estimate here so gamingit's gonna last for about four to five hours lighter tasks like just internetand this was all on wireless mind you if you're on data then it will burn throughthe battery a little bit quicker you're looking about I would say maximum of sixhours perhaps seven if you really toned down that brightness so the battery lifeis not amazing it's not like the ten hours that I can get it out of my me padfor definitely not charge times also aren't great you're looking at almostthree and a half hours to fully charge this tablet so overall I feel takinginto consideration the price of this that it has been selling for a hundredand thirty nine us it's now a hundred and forty five that you are getting alot you have a fully laminated high resolution screen which brightness isokay indoors two hundred fifty lux outdoorsit's gonna struggle a little there I have tested it and you can still makeout what is on the screen or max brightness but it is an ideal for GPSuse I would go with a brighter screen so we do have that GPS module we have LTE3.5 millimeter headphone jack output is actually clean and it is clear there'sno static so that's another positive front facing webcams alright now thecamera on there the quality of audio well not amazing a voice calls is whereit does fall down so I found the earpiece to be not amazing it's quiteflat it does sound little bit tinny it tends to distort andmy end the call quality from the microphones are not very good becausethere's no noise cancellation it seems their same goes for speakerphone I thinkthe location of the mic and the speaker are just a little bit too close togetherand they end up giving like an echo effect or interfering with each other soit's not wonderful that but at least we do have that option so for g-strengthsignal range wireless speeds all good that all checks out completely there Ione thing that you would want to point out with my screen I have two deadpixels one here and another little tiny one up here very hard to make out butthey are there and they just popped up after a few hours of use so we havedecent performance well not really at times it lags now where it really showsis gaming so the men 8880 with this resolution and scaling thingsup even if it's just scaling it's struggling I feel that Chuwi shouldhave probably gone with four gigabytes of RAM on this and it would have beeneven better if one of these manufacturers other than say show me orLenovo could use Qualcomm chipsets it would be much better to see for exampleeven if it's a dated Snapdragon 625 it will perform much better than it doeshere so that's the real area of letdown has to be the performance of it it justtends to feel a little bit sluggish all the time a little slow as some of theanimations so other games like shadow fight 3 they run fine it's playableframe rates it's just those demanding games so eventually when fortnight isout I see it being quite choppy and not being able to reach 30 frames per seconddefinitely not with this hardware configuration here so overall as apackage for the price paid you are getting a lot it's just if you expect tohave really good gaming performance and amazing overall smooth fluid UIexperience you will be disappointed with that thank you so much for watching thisvideo and I do hope to see you back in the channel with my up-and-coming videosbye for now .

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