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Chuwi HiPad Review - $130 Android 80 Tablet

Chuwi HiPad Review - $130 Android 80 Tablet this is the Chuwi Hipad so it is aHeilo x27 tablet it's the second one I've reviewed now with this chipset butthis one's paired up with only three gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes ofstorage it does have a lot of good things going for it but its ultimateweakness is definitely that chipset which isn't particularly powerful andyou do get a little bit of lag through the UI depending on the version that youorder you get a EU charger here of course because I have the EU versionthat was sent to me here down in New Zealand you get a rather small type C toUSB cable and of course the tablet which does come with a pre-applied screenprotector and normally the factory does a pretty good job much better than me soyou don't have any dust underneath it now the charger is rated to only 5 volts2 amps so it's not one of those quick charge ones unfortunately it does notsupport media ticks pump Express now one of the good things about this tablethere is it runs stock Android so there's no custom launcher here and it doesn'tcome with any pre-installed bloatware it does have a few Google apps on here butoverall you are covered you've got a file manager and as you can see we'vealso got FM radio the hope head runs Android 8 it's got a security patchlevel from June the fifth this year so it is a little bit dated there you wouldhave noticed the rather large bizzle that this has so it's not gonna win anyawards for slim bezels the screen is however one of the best things aboutthis tablet it is a fully laminated panel it has a resolution of 1920 by1200 so that's 16 by 10 aspect ratio and the gamma one of the first actuallychecks out to be exactly 2.2 brightness tops out at a very decent 434 Lux whichis great so this is a brine screen a lot brighter than your typical budgetChinese tablet and the fact that it's fully laminated is really good itsupports 10 touch points touch input is okay however sometimes there is a littlebit of lag with it as you'll see later on too in this review when I go throughit the tablet has an alloy rear body that has a matte paint job to it that isvery prone to fingerprints see we clean this one a lot it doesn't have any flexor creaks in the actual frame of the side of it and when it connects up tothe screen at the front so that is really good and you'll see we've gotthese little red accents and here to tell us that this is aimed at gamers agaming tablet now it does make it look a little bit different there's no lightson this there's nothing special about this and right here you'll find a singlemono speaker which isn't particularly good and I will give you a sample of itlater in the review Patel it weighs four hundred and eighty nine grams and is 8.8millimeters thick which is not bad considering I've used much heaviertablets thirty puts you'll find is a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with micsupport the audio out of this is okay I've certainly heard better and I havealso heard worse there's a tiny little bit of static very light hiss through itand then we've got a type C port which is for charging and data and then a slotthere for micro SD card support up to a hundred and twenty eight gigabytes oftested which is working fine on the right side you will find a plasticvolume up and down button power on button and just below the volume buttonthere's a tiny little hole there that's a reset button but I don't actuallythink you're probably going to need it the buttons themselves they are made outof plastic they feel okay they don't actually rattle around so overall thebuild quality of the tablet is perfectly fine at the top you find a fivemegapixel webcam there is no ambient light sensor on thisparticular model either and to be honest I didn't really expect it at it's ahundred and forty forty five price tag on the rear there is another fivemegapixel camera this one however has autofocus so you will notice that wealso do have rather large icons on here that's because they've gone with 320 dpifor the scaling of android 8 ROM performances one of the issues with thisparticular tablet that it is not actually very fast and fluid that youwill notice that you do see often quite a bit of stutter and slowdown in the UIyou can probably pick that up but this is not running in a full 60 frames persecond that it struggles and if you do happen to have something in RAM becausewe've only gone three gigabytes here you will start to see even more slowdown andstutter just launching a through few things here and if I bring up GooglePlay Store it load them pretty quick the wirelessperformance is not bad on this you're just noticing a definite bit of lagthere and the UI that is ever-present and especially coming from my Mii padfor with its Snapdragon 660 you notice here that the Helio even notice thex27 is really struggling to even display this at only 1200 P this also popped uphere which is an app that was removed by Google play's protect which is like ananti-virus system here and it doesn't like this app that's called font managernow I don't remember installing anything like this and I'm pretty certain thisactually came on the ROM here it may be not harmless error or maybe perfectlyfine but it's still not good to see this okay so it's not all bad news you canactually get some very decent battery life out of this so it has a seventhousand milliamp hour battery now charge time is quite slow it's gonnatake you well over five hours it was around about 5 hours and 28 minutes tofully charge it but look at this screen on time you're able to get at leasteight hours if you're gonna be gaming and it's gonna be a little bit lowerthan there's plea gonna be about five to six but this was mixed-used so I wasgaming a little I was also doing some YouTube streaming ebooks things likethat I was able to get 8 hours and 34 minutes which is not bad at all when youtake a look at the antutu score so it gets just over a hundred thousand nowthe mediatek helio X 20 can actually get similar kind of scores so that eventhough this one's clocked higher their maximum turbo is 2.6 and the GPU isclocked up a little bit higher as well 850 megahertz it's not really performingas good as you would expect and as I said before I think it's the memory thatcould actually be the problem it's just a little too slow and we don't haveenough of it so the 32 gigabytes of storage that is onboard here is MMC fourpoint five point one spec and these speeds are okay for this type of driveit's not actually too bad so this is queen shil Reed and the sequential rightthis is not going to be bottlenecking this system it's the chipset that's thebottleneck now for project rebel support it doesn't support seamless updates andI expected this considering the price of this tablet nor does it support widesecurity level one so what this means is security level three is that you'regonna be stuck on just standard definition with Netflix now the wirelessrange in speeds they check out I haven't had any problems connecting up to mywireless networks here down in New Zealand and the range seems to be okayit's certainly not the best that I have seen and the speed and throughput you'regetting is going to be I run about a hundred and twenty megabits per secondmax we just have that single rear firing speaker on here and yes you guessedright that it's not amazing the loudness is okay but did a hunter percent volumeit will distort a little bit and here is a sample of it now sample from the front-facing webcamso it's 5 megapixels the quality as you can see is average it's got a lot ofgrain to it the audio is okay it's passable and it is actually usable forapplications video chat apps like Skype net is the main thing here but yourmobile phone will do a much better job than both the front and rear 5 megapixelcameras on the high pad so if you're still watching you've already gatheredthat I've mentioned a few times now that it's not really a huge performer thistablet however it is good at things like PDF filesit's not gonna be amazingly fast but we do have that nice screen which is by farthe best thing about this particular tablet here the high pad so it's got thefully laminated screen 1200 P good brightness and the sharpness for readingand looking at PDF files is good so I can see a lot of people that if you canget it for a decent price possibly using it for this any books yes they do lookdecent I'll give you a sample now of the text so this is what it looks like whenyou zoom in really close here you're not going to make out pixels at normalreading distance video streaming services such as Amazon Prime they'reworking perfectly fine YouTube works great as well and as mentioned Netflixthat's only going to be in standard definition now taking a look at gamingso this one here is shadow 5/3 which is not the most demanding game and you cansee it is running pretty good there's no real issue with this one the frame ratethat it is producing here is definitely playable it's not the smoothness I haveseen this game running of course but it is better than the hell yo X 20 which onsome tablets I tested at a high resolution to are 2560 by 1600 would bevery slow and laggy at least here you're getting a playable framerate but let'scheck out a more demanding game pub G so as you can see it runs the game but itis quite choppy and laggy I'm finding it quite difficult to actually aim and movearound the input touch input here seems to have a few problems and someone'sjust about to kill me I think so just show you try and aim here see if I canget this bot okay so I managed to knock him down butit is quite frustrating the game the performance here just isn't enough ifyou ask me it's just a little bit too slow and it's just that touch input aswell as making this quite frustrating I find I have to actually press harderright here to get that joystick to register and you see when you zoom intothat this is this is very choppy this is not I don't think this is even 30 framesper second probably not it is on the low setting as well so the last possiblesettings struggling right here the mali T880 which is of course the GPUthat is part of that Helio or X 27 so there we go that's the Chuwi Hipada budget tablet that is selling for around about a hundred and forty fivehundred forty nine us at the time of this video here so it has a really nicescreen on it for what it is okay yes we've got large bezels but it's fullylaminated the brightness is well over 400 Lux which is really good to seebecause most of them don't even reach 300 Lux they normally top out about 200in 20 so if you need a brighter screen then possibly want to go for the buildquality is good here no problems with that but what is the biggest issue forme with this tablet which means I can't recommend it at all really is theperformance it's just so laggy a lot of the times it's just so painful to usebecause you're getting this constant stuttering now maybe I have a faultyunit but I don't think so it's very common with the halyard chipsets that Ifind that they just aren't as smooth as you'd think they would be with ten causethe real weakness is probably that GPU and really actually probably the ram theram 3 gigabytes of ram if this had four it would perform a little bit betterhowever I think the RAM speeds this has just a little bit too slow and that isbottlenecking that chipset there and the chipset itself isn't really that fast soif you want the best performance you want a super smooth tablet that's goingto load things up great and be able to gain well this definitely is not the oneto get so thank you so much for watching this shorter review hear from me and Ido have to see you back in the channel please check out my review just up hereof another Android tablet this here comes recommended it's the mepaired four which has a snapdragon 660 and performs a much better that oneoverall is very smooth thanks a lot for watching this video .

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