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EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter Review - Fast 45 Kmh & 100 Km Range

EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter Review - Fast 45 Kmh & 100 Km Range so I am back checking out electricscooters.
This scooter makes all the others I've looked at seem like littletoys as you can see it's very large this is from VORO motors it's called the emove cruiser and it really is a cruiser this one here so it's got larger teninch wheels on it dual disc brakes, dual suspension so front and back verynice ride to it it is heavy so this one's not really one for maximumportability is it gonna be collapsing it as you can see I've got it in its collapsedstate right now it weighs about 24 kilos and that is because it has a huge 30 amphour battery in this one so it's massive with a range up to they claim a hundredkilometers so if you need to do some serious kilometers and you also want todo it with speed then this is perhaps a scooter to check out so this video I'mgoing to cover the design in the build we'll check it out in detail thecontrols and then of course my road tests and then at the end of the videomy final overall opinion of the emove cruiser here so we have 10 inch rubbertires on this I do highly recommend putting something like a self sealantsolution in there just to avoid any puncturessomething like slime will definitely help so the fork and front suspensionfeels very solid and it does help soak up those little bumps there the overallconstruction of the scooter is really good you can see right here we do have afront-facing light now this light I wish it was a little higher is pointed downonto the road it is one of three front facing lights the other two are locatedeither side and there is a button on the bottom to turn them on and off so youcan have them really just as they run time LED lights the scooter does comewith this solid kickstand it supports the weight and you can see we've got avery large dick here everyone with my 43 euro sized feet I can fit them on thedeck of this one no problem whatsoever you would even have room for a passengerif you wanted to perhaps carry a child with you they can stand in front of youthere's definitely room on this deck we've got a very nice mud guard here onthe rear it's big and there's no manual brakes on this so again another discbrake there on the rear we got this suspension setup which works very welland the lighting as well does work great so this is good for safety so with thehandlebars extended now you can see we have these solid rubber grips here areall controls here so the power on there we've got the different modes to gothrough sets to cycling through the odometer, trip meter the time etc and you can see we've got to read out there so this isbacklit with a blue light and you can see our speed which currently is set twokilometers per hour for me and then we have some other controls on the lefthere so we have the indicator and the horn and lights so if you've gotindicated if you need that it makes a buzzing noise when you switch it theindicator lights are on the back only not on the front the handlebar iscompletely adjustable to the height of it so someone short is riding it thenyou can lower it right down for them so I think the manufacturer covers it beston how to override the speed limit so there is a link in the description ofthis video check that out if you want to go past the factory 25 kilometer limitthat they set and just to quickly demonstrate the lights now so I willflick the switch at the top turn them on you can see the rear brake lights theyare quite good because you can see it from pretty much all angles and that'swhat it looks like now from the rear and then the front we've got those twolights either side as I pointed out and then the main projector here which has alens on it and it's quite powerful as you can see I've got it aimed at thewall there so good lighting so this is by far the biggest corner of the scooteris that it is very large and it does weigh about 23-24 kilos so lifting it inand out of the car is not something you want to do all the time because it doescollapse it folds up and even the handlebars as I did show you and it willtake a rather large boot to actually fit it right inside so when you get startedthere's a little pin on the side you can see right here now this needs to bepulled out but in order to do this we're got to push down on the handle bar righthere so push that down pull the pin out and then the handlebars can be pushed inthat it will lock on place you'll hear it click on the right bottom you willfind the charge port so it's covered by a dust flap as you can see charge timeis very slow so it takes around about 10 to 11 hours to fully chargeokay so first ride kick off and accelerate and you notice straight awaywow that's got a lot of power very comfortable ride a lot of accelerationI'll just do a quick test break now very good breaks this breaks and you canactually lock the rear up as I just did if you're a little too heavy-handed onit 30 33 34 and almost 40 but we're running out of road space here now thereare a few pedestrians around so I'm taking it real easy here but it's wantedto comment on the right comfort that it is really nice this is by far the bestthat I have tested out out of all the secures that I have reviewed it's justreally comfortable with those air filled large tires the dual suspension and justthe weight of it as well I think helps out it just feels really good so that'sa rough train ahead let's see how it handles it a bit of gravel as you cansee and a few bumps it's doing a really good job there it's just sort ofbouncing and just cruising over that with the suspension and goes up thatclaim with ease so here's an interesting drop and then climb let's see how it'sgoing to handle this gives you a lot of confidence it'sreally good I mean look how easy this is for the scooter just go up it just somuch power Here I am now at the end of Las Rotas Denia this is in theMediterranean coast and Spain were over filming and it's made it to the end it'sa difficult road because there is a lot of rough road there are quite a fewclaims and other scooters I've tested they were down to about 40% only batterylife after this and he can see that I've only lost I would calculateapproximately fifteen to ten percent battery so this is holding up reallywell so this is where the law wants you to use these electric scooters here inSpain is on dedicated bike lanes here as you can see which is great there's a lotof these around and dénia so this is really nice and easy for getting aroundtown it's just to use a scooter like this so take a look now I've finished mytrip you're running out of time twenty two point six kilometers downI still have 80% battery left this is amazing the kind of range that you canget out of this considering I was not taken in taking it easy at all a lot ofacceleration climbing so 21.45 here with the GPS there's a slight differenceand that is probably because this sometimes pauses when I was moving itdidn't come on until it detected me moving where this was counting the wholetime there so excellent range from the emove cruiser okay so to quickly recapwhere we have I believe one of the best scooters that at least I have reviewedin the channel it is the best by far ride comfort very comfortable to ride onplenty of celebration we've got a peak 1600 watt motor the range is absolutelyamazing because all the other scooters I review they top out about 18 kilometersnow I've done 22 kilometers and it's only at 80 percent battery so we can getI think at least up to 100 they claim and that claim is holding true theredifferently it just breaks it good they make a little bit of a noise sometimesyou get a little bit of rattle from the front suspension to going over some bigbumps and the bulk and the weight of it so it's a heavy scooter if you needsomething that's really portable they need to take upstairs go onto lifts tinylittle lifts all the time then you probablyone of those smaller ones but if you need to do some serious kilometers youwant plenty of power for climbs, comfort a large deck that this has good lightingthen I believe this is definitely the scooter to go for which is the emovecruiser here from vero motors thank you so much for watching this review pleasedo like and subscribe for hopefully more upcoming electric scooter reviews in thefuture .

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