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Jumper EZBook 3L Pro Vs Teclast F7 - Best Apollo Lake Laptops The Key Differences

Jumper EZBook 3L Pro Vs Teclast F7 - Best Apollo Lake Laptops The Key Differences all right so a quick video here betweenthe jumper ezbook 3l pro this is exactly the same as the Teclast F7but not quite there are some key differences that I'm going to outlinehere in this video so if you've seen my review of the tick last if seven this tome is still the best Apollo Lake N34 laptop that you can get, N3450 sorry with six gigabytes around this has six gigabytesof RAM 64 gigabytes of storage in both of these so identical specs wireless ACC 8 watt hour battery for up to seven to eight hours of use depending on whatpower limit you have set so this has nine watts this one has six out of thebox here and you cannot adjust it through the BIOS on this one so the biasAdvanced Settings is locked down I'll show you that in just a second and thisone you can run it completely unlocked and thermals on both of these are reallygood now I didn't buy this to start with because I heard that when it first cameout I had a TN panel so I went no I don't want I don't want to see anotherTN panel after the jumper easy book three plus and I got all the commentsand even emails and people saying please check out the easy book three hour probecause it now has an IPS panel no not on my unit as you can see look at thoseviewing angles so this is still a TN panel this one of course is using like apls or an IPS panel so you do get some darting of the image but the shiftinglike that like this one is nowhere near as bad now is it a deal-breaker thisscreen well it depends if you're going to be looking at it straight on all thetime no but I would still go for this so this is glossy panel versus Barnette oneso you're not going to have so many issues with reflections but it's justgoing to be there that vertical viewing angle does really bug me the way thatjust shifts out because this is the blue you can see on the Windows 10 homes setup for your languages this usally key language right there and just look atthe way that that I mean mmm yeah not good but let's have a look at them in alittle bit more detail side-by-side and compare some of thefor instance we have now I'm not gonna go into a lot of detail here they'rebasically the same the port loud and everything I wanted to point out thatthey're both got precision touch pads but notice that on the tick last f7 atleast in my case here that it has a color that matches the rest of thedesign and then on the easy book 3l pro it's a darker silver they have more orless the same feel to them so it's just a color difference there and that couldvary from batch to batch and even possibly happen on the teclast f7 so forports exactly the same micro SD card reader that's via a real tech USB 2 hubso don't expect fast speeds out of this full size USB 3 port of course that canpower external hard drives we have dcn and then our power and they're 12 voltstoo and so it identical then taking a look at the left hand side so we got astatus LED micro HDMI out port for 4k up to 30 Hertz output USB 3 port and againidentical everything is exactly the same herekeyboards again exactly the same there's a very decent keyboards a little bitbetter than the jumper easy book three pros very little flex are very firmkeyboard nice response on those keys and they have about 1.3 5 millimeters oftravel one thing that we'll probably often be skipped in these videos is thepower supplies ok yes it's the same output 12 volts 2 amps but of course oneis the 2 prong us-style that you get with the easy book 3 out Pro and thetech last one of course is a EU 1 as you can see here this one has a slightlylonger cord to it and I do like this a power adapter a little bit better itjust feels a little bit higher in quality so that's another reason to gofor the f7 there - with the power supply somebody seems stupid to talk about thepackaging I just wanted to point out that the box of the jumper is a book 3lpro is a lot lighter and thinner so it's more prone and susceptible to damage intransit the packaging on T class 1 is a lot stronger and a little bit morepremium - it's nicer to unbox nicely to give maybe as a prison - but for me themain thing is having a stronger box is a lot betterbecause some of these packages can get really knocked around coming from Chinato Europe so the underside is the same we have that SSD hatch on both of thembut you do get the teclast branding and logo on there and the f7 on the bottomwhereas the jumper there's nothing really only just a few things on herewith that see a mark as well on the EC book 3l pro get that jumper brand on thetop of the lid there on the tare class there is no branding there whatsoeverboth of them are very firm and they have that full metal bill to them which isquite good the quality of it considering the price that these laptops sell forand the tech last model does have tickle as you can see written here this isactually like each into that alloy so you can't remove that the jumper hasnothing there so now in the bios of the jumper easy book 3l pro you can see thatwe do have the advanced settings and the bios which is good however you'll noticeone seating and the most important one is missing and that is power limits sowe cannot customize our power limit we cannot override it from 6 watts to 9 to10 watts or even unlimited which I do on my tea glassif 7 I ran unlimited for maximum performance it takes a big head on thebattery life however but that's a trade-off that I'm willing to accept theother thing to note too that you still will be able to do this software powerlimit override so we can go and unlock it you can set 10 watts it just meansyou have to run that app every time and you can't do it manually in the BIOS okso I'm running HW info right now to take a look at the CPUs power limits on thejumper easy book 3 hour pro and you can see right here the 6 Watts that theyhave set so that is the stock default limit on this and does that mean it'sgonna run slower then say D take last if 7 with 9 watts it yes especially when itcomes to gaming that's probably the only real area so if you're doing or want agame on this play older titles something like League of Legends that will runperfectly fine on this then you would probably opt to go forthe tick last if7 because you better set your own powerlimit then just get maximum performance what it basically means is it will letthe integrated graphics just turbo up a clock a lot higher it won't be limitedand throttled by power limits on this particular model here but theperformance of this one it feels quick and snappy so if I everything it seemsfine in that regard so HW info is not reading the information correct here onthe monitor the panel according to this it's an MS underscore triple zero threeand I do believe it's a TN panel now some people have according to what I'veseen it's must be down to luck right it must be a bit of a lottery a bu oh Ithink it is or Bo you branded one which is like a pls or an IPS panel that's Metcoded so it's a bit of a lottery there now I'm not going to go and wasteanother 239 US and buy another one and hopefully luck out that I get thatparticular panel and here just be aware of that that you might get a TN panelmatte-coated or you may get an IPS and win the lottery here and have a muchbetter screen than this particular one I have in my unit so I've loaded up acouple of my demo images here so this is one of my cat Vera this is a very goodexample of what to expect from the screen so when you're looking at itstraight on yeah it does actually look really nice and fine and for most peopleit probably won't be an issue especially non-techies out there that may not maynot even notice this but there should be some finer details around here withVera's ears but they're missing at this current angle now if I just angle thatscreen up a little bit and there we go see what I mean now we can see theshininess on her fur along here you can see those details it wasn't just allplain black like it was when it was angled about there so that is the issuewith this kind of screen having less TN panel on here to me bothers me andthat's the reason why I didn't want to buy this in the first place but becauseof people's comments telling me no it has an IPS panel now Chris pleasereviewer please get it and I got lots and lots of repeated requests and I'mreally disappointed here that I'm I got landed with a TN panel so it isusing a SanDisk emmc just like the tick last f7 very similar speeds here whichare very good for this type of drive so it's emmc 5.1 spec we're gettingsequential 260 reads and over a hundred and ten writes so that is not bad at allokay so to wrap it up here the key differences are power limits and thebios you cannot disable or adjust them on the jumper easy book 3l pro and thenon the tick last if seven you can and of course the screens massive differencethat I got a TN panel in my jumper it's possible you may get an IPS but that'sall down to the Chinese Hardware Lottery and what you're gonna get with one ofthese laptops here at least with my tech last I'm a lot happier with that screenyes its glossy but I can put a screen protector on there and Matt anti glareone and that will probably fix the problem or that world would the glareand everything like that they tend to work quite well the keyboard the buildquality touchpad and ternal storage the webcam the microphone the speakers thebattery the thermals all identical exactly the same and I would hold offwait if you're trying to get one of the tech lasts if sevens that are currentlyout of stock wait for the price to drop get one of those over the jumper easybook three hour pro unless you want to take that lottery risk here I'm reallydisappointed and if I did recommend to anyone to go for the easy bookthree-hour pro that was sorry based on other people's information telling methat no it had an IPS panel and clearly it does not in my unit here thanks a lotfor watching this little comparison here and please do check out my review of thetick lust f7 and the jumper easy book 3l pro I hope you see you back in thechannel soon bye for now .

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