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Jumper EZBook 3S Internals

Jumper EZBook 3S Internals Hey guys for just a quick one here thisis the jumper easy book 3s that I recently unboxed and took a look at soit's the revised newer version of the jumper EZBook 3 now you can see thatthey've got a full sized m2 SATA 3 it is in here so that'sthe 22 by 80 millimeter ones so that's why it's faster because this is thesmaller version you can see the difference that's the 22 by 42 1 now thethermals on this laptop are really quite good it doesn't seem to go over around77 to 78 degrees and this is the reason why you can see the fuse a nice largecopper heat sink which is something that all manufacturers should be doing Ibelieve with these 6 watt Apollo Lake chipsets so two battery cells in hereand 7.6 volts 48 hours but that's two times 48 millionhours in there giving us a total of almost 37 watt hours so very similar tothe Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 or thetwelve point three models so same kind of capacity that we're getting on all ofthese the laptops so the wireless antenna goes along here and it's on thethe palm rest so to the right of the palm rest.
Sorry, the left of the palm rest iswhere you get reception from and it's only single band Wireless in on thisthrough typical common RealTek chipset which is a bit of a shame there andoverall plastic frame in here but there is this metal behind the keyboard whichis probably why the keyboard there maybe they made some revisions to this why itfeels a lot better than the trampoline that used to be on the easy book threethe one that I first reviewed these are our two loudspeakers either side andoverall not bad they've got a bit of space around here you can see but that'sbecause you've got this ribbon cable going along to another PCB here that hasour micro SD card reader and the USB 2 port on there so this has only got oneUSB 3 port which is located on the main motherboard there so overall layout isdecent not too bad the internal to build quality the worst I've seen as the Voyo Vbook the Vbook version 3 which was really badthe internals this here looks really good to methanks a lot for watching .

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Tags: Jumper EZBook 3S