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Mi Mix 2S Vs Redmi Note 5 Camera Comparison - It's A Draw

Mi Mix 2S Vs Redmi Note 5 Camera Comparison - It's A Draw So I thought I'd put together a veryshort camera comparison here between the Redmi Note 5 which this Xiaomi'slatest budget phone against their new flagship which is the Mi mix 2S andyou'll be surprised at the results here especially when it comes to video stabilizationand audio quality so the camera you're looking at right now is over exposing myface a lot that there's an issue with the redmi note 5 and now switch over tothe me mix to west so this is now the MI MIX 2S and you can see pretty much thesame thing over exposing my face really quite bad there's no details of the skyso now I have a look at the rear cameras the video quality and keep an eye on thevideo stabilization and the audio quality this is gonna surprise you sothis is the Mi MIx 2 and straightaway you'll notice that the audio quality isnot as good as even though the bit rates actually a lot higher this is 190kilobytes per second fill of its per second instead of the 90 you typicallysee on the readme note 5 that's what that one has that right but I'll walkalong here just to demonstrate the optical image stabilization it has nowhe is is enabled in the settings but clearly it's not working in a 4k I alsotested out open cam and it's not working there either so this is as steady asit's going to get for now unless show me enable and fix EIS in 4k and now this is4k with the redmi note 5 and you'll notice straight away that the audio isbetter even though the codec but rate that's used on the audio is actually abit less here and you notice it's even more stable - now I am shooting an opencam and as I mentioned with the mimics - is that open cam doesn't make hit anystudio at all do that same test here I'm gonna walk along and look at thedifference between them big difference now this should not be happening this isa 220 US mobile phone versus a 500 US mobile phone the flagship should havebetter audio should have better video stability but that's not happening so here we go side-by-side comparisonnow and I'm holding both of them hand now but one-handed this time around andI'm sky walk towards this building here a little and you can see that you cansee the ISO working on the show me how it's sort of rocking around a little bitleft and right whereas on the redmi note 5 is just a little bit smoother andtaking over the audio source as well you'll notice that to me it sounds a lotbetter on the redmi note 5 should be in fact better on anomie mix to us but itisn't let's give another sample now of the stability so electronic imagestabilization 4k vs.
4k without any electronic image stabilization is a bigdifference there now just actually jog along now all right so what do you think there ofthe difference between the flagship versus budget mobile phone let me knowin the comments if you disagree with my opinions here in saying that the redminote 5 is actually better now both of them have dual pixel pixel phasedetection autofocus and it is really quick very quick in fact and looksreally well on both of them see got no more focus hunting and you can see thatthat's the focus working there really well just like a Samsung Galaxy s7 iseight s9 and other Mobile's that use the same autofocus technology there thanks alot for watching this little comparison here I hope you liked it if you didplease give a thumbs up and also subscribe to the channel I have plentymore up and coming .

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