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MSI GL62M 7REX Review 156" Budget I7-7700HQ Nvidia 1050 TI Gaming Laptop

MSI GL62M 7REX Review 156" Budget I7-7700HQ Nvidia 1050 TI Gaming Laptop This is the MSI GL62M REX it is abudget notebook now I picked this one up here from China for 899 USDconsidering the spec I feel it's a really good price so it has a core i7 KBlike 7700 HQ now that's a quad-core CPU the GPU on board here is an Nvidia 1050Ti with 4 gigabytes of double data rate 5 RAM now the stock base configurationthat you get straight out of the box is 8 gigabytes of RAM so only one sodam isused there's another spare one in there in this review here I've upgraded myunit and I'll show you in just a second and we have a 1 terabyte hard drive sogaining access to the internals isn't that difficult but you do have a lot ofscrews here that you need to remove all around the outside and then just pry offthe lid and that gives you access to everything so for my review i've addedan additional 8 gigabytes of ram you can see slotted in here and my own SSD sothis slot here will support m vm e or PCIe x for running a 960 Evo in here andthe one terabyte drive would be located right here the spindle drive which has7200 rpm but I have removed that because I wasn't happy with the noise it wasmaking so upgradability is quite good we can replace the RAM replace the harddrive add an SSD set of three or nvme and we can replace the wireless cardhere if you're not happy with the one I've included so the cooling solutionthat they have on here 6 copper transfer heat pipes and a very large you can seethick copper base here that's connecting to straight on to the GPU die here theCPU is right here looks like it's going to be really good and efficient but as Ifound out later in my testing process that really these two fans here or atleast the CPU fan is just a little too small and it's not just blowing out asufficient amount of air at least when you leave it on the default cooling modewithout using that cooler booster for will run into thermal throttling butmore on that later on in the video so you see that the battery cell here41 watt-hours isn't particularly large for a laptop that's 15.6 inches butbattery life hasn't really ever been a priority when it comes to gaming laptopsand nothing has changed here now if there is one thing that is missing onhere it is a subwoofer we great if it had a 2.1 system because these fourspeakers that we do have downwards firing as you hit from my sample lateron they sound particularly flat and they could really be aided by the fact ofhaving a sub located about here the GL 62 my is 2.3 keido's and the weightdistribution isn't too bad slightly heavier at the rear here butoverall it doesn't enhance feel as if it's 2.3 but perhaps a little bitlighter now the build is completely plastic but it is a quality plastic theyhave used and it has like a matte kind of coating to it so it's quite grippyit's not slippery but it does have on the lid you can see here quite a bit offlex I don't believe this is going to be an issue however but the materials usedhere on this budget laptop and the same kind of quality you get on the morepremium options so on the left of the left top we have microphone andheadphone outs type-c port now unfortunately it's not funderbolt andit's only USB 3 spec a USB 3 port mini display out HDMI out another USB 3 portEthernet that's one gigabit as well so nice and fast and then a Kensington lockslot there then on the right DC end for charging of course with 150 watt powersupply we have an SD card slot which is great to see and it's one of thoseclickin style ones so you shouldn't be breaking these cards off by accidentwith those ones that sometimes stick out like that which personally I really hatethose ones however this port is only wired up via a USB 2 hub so it is slowyou cannot take advantage of high speed cards and then lastly a USB 2 port onthe rear the two exhaust fans for the CPU and GPU which I feel it is a bit ofa design error that these vents should be a little bit bigger so the fans andsigh could also be larger so it has a steelseries keyboard now if I press downreally hard here you will see there's a bit of flexand the design there but under normal typing pressure using this it doesn'tbother me at all and in fact I find typing on this keyboard is really goodit's a nice keyboard I do like it it comes with the us layout even thoughthis is a Chinese version that's think they aren't they use they're in Chinanow the touchpad is a synaptics one and it's the same exact material as the restof the palm rest now palm rest if I press down here you see a bit of flexbut again when using this it's not really a problem I'm only just pushingquite hard here just to show you the design how rigid it is it's not exactlysuper rigid like the premium models like the go series that are actually slimmertoo they seem to be a lot more rigid and don't suffer from so much flex therewe've got two individual large clicky style mouse buttons and overall thetouchpad to me feels alright however I have had to increased the speed of itincrease the speed and a sensitivity to get really the most out of it it'scertainly not the best touchpad I have used and also one thing to note that thematerial this plastic is a complete smudge magnet already the touch padsthing to get a little bit shiny I can see marks from my fingers and things soyou'll be wiping this down all the time to try and keep it looking clean and newI've only had it now for about seven or eight days I've been using it the wholetime and already it's lost that kind of new look to it and already looks usedwhich is a shame so up the top here we have the power button where the statusLED there and we have this G now this is for the gaming center so dragon gamingcenter will bring up all your options and stuff there and this button whichworks via the BIOS as the cooler booster this then puts both of the fans tomaximum rpm to try and push out as much air as possible one thing to point outtoo that I don't think a lot of reviews are mentioning is that if you do getthis particular model even though it is cheaper one other con is that the biasis going to be all in Chinese and as far as I can tell you can't change it I'veflashed a new BIOS update and it was still remained in Chinese I've pulledthe battery that's on the motherboard I've unplugged the battery yet againstill defaults and is always in Chinese so as you can see herethat the IPS panel that's in here no it's not a TN it's only the earliermodels that had crappy TN panels in here is quite decent you can see the blacksare dark here and my unit I think of lucked out here with the IPS lotterydon't seem to have any screen bleed whatsoever so the panel does have ananti-glare coating on here so it's not susceptible to reflections I've got mypowerful studio lights on and they are not reflecting on the upper right handside there which they probably would do if this was a glossy panel so themaximum brightness comes out to 247 Lux which is not bad for an anti glare paneland overall I really do like the screen but bear in mind though that this is a60 Hertz panel it does not go up to 120 Hertz like other msi recent laptops thatthey have released now looking at the device manager here just wanted to pointout what we have for the wireless chipset so its intel's dual bandwireless AC 30 168 here so it's not one of the fastest ones there intel doeshave that 8200 series which do offer better performance now I did a quickbenchmark here now the speeds should be a little bit higher than this but at thetime I was actually I think was uploading something else but I have seenthis get up to almost my full fiber optic line speed here which is 300megabits per second both upload and download symmetric and also notice thatthe range of the wireless perfectly fine I think it's because the whole housingon this laptop is plastic it's not inhibited the signal of course if it wasa metal build to it so perfectly fine there with that now if we have a look atthe SSD I have installed my own one here so it came with a one terabyte 7200 rpmDrive that is rather slow but it's actually for the type of driver it isit's not really that bad because it gets around 100 to the 30 reads and writesmegabits per second but with my drive here of course that is running and PCIetimes 4 and I've just finished up benchmarking it here so very goodperformance out of that that is blazing fastI really do love those Drive so no bottlenecks at all when it comes tostorage here now that slot is a PCI x 4 slot but also set a 3 so if you dohappen to have a 22 by 80 set of three SSD you could put that in there but ofcourse your speeds will cap out around 550 megabytes per second reason writesthey're sequential if you have seen my unboxing one thing to note here that isgonna be able to van issue for some people is that this particular model isthe Chinese version so it did ship with Windows 10 in Chinese however what I didis I created a Windows 10 media USB pendrive flash drive and then Iinstalled the Windows 10 but make sure you install the Windows 10 home versionin English you can let add your own language packs later on and it didactivate using the existing key that's incorporated part of the bias soactivation was not an issue you do not have to buy a new license for this whichis one positive now I have a look at a couple of benchmarks here so this is theheaven benchmark number for average frames per second of 81 and the score is2044 I thought that actually wasn't too bad considering it's a 1050 T I quitepleased with that score now you will notice that my clocks here it isoverclocked so for most of these schools here I will be overclocking the GPU hereand the reason why I feel that a lot of people will probably be doing this tosqueeze the absolute maximum out of this chipset I'll show you those overclockshere just with MSI Afterburner I just kill that here in mint my benchmark offthere in the background so there we've got the clocks that I've applied so 110to the core clock and then one gigabyte to the RAM so though looks like they'reunder clock the RAM to start with anyway it could probably go even higher thanthat now I've experienced absolutely noissues with this overclock so no artifacts no driver crashing issuesnothing like that I could even probably push the core clock even higher but I'mgonna leave it at that I feel which is fine and you see here that the drivethat I'm using is the 385 point 4 1 which at the time of this review is thelatest driver here so Cinebench r15 84 frames per second by OpenGL and in theCPU got 724 now if you do keep the stock configuration which is only the 8gigabytes of RAM and single channel then this score will besomething in the upper six hundreds so a little bit slower there because I've gotdual bandwidth and more RAM is this going to help a little bit there tospeed things up so it also ran Geekbench for here decent score it's now fasteragain because I'm running dual channel RAM as the stock configuration only hasthat one slot in there allowing you to put an extra additional eight gigabytesin here is the OpenCL score which is using the GPU again that is with theoverclock when it's stock it's around eighty thousandso this overclock here is basically giving us a boost of around ten toeleven percent on the GPU which is really good considering that as a a freeboost they're not as high as some GPUs but overall not too bad at all so thestocks cool here of fire strike and you can see now with the overclock we get10% more or less there so not bad now just a touch on the battery life hereright now I have forced the GPU to be the Nvidia one the 1050 Ti and that isjust through the control panel here and you can set that you can also force itto just the Intel now why I've done this is just to demonstrate the kind ofbattery life you can expect so you get around one hour in 30 minutes if you'renot gaming on the dedicated GPU but if you do something more demanding likegaming or you're doing some 3d editing or video editing or something like thatthen you're only gonna get around one hour of battery life from the 40 watt 41watt hour battery there now if you turn over or leave it on auto select over tothe integrated graphics then you're looking around double the time then itconsumes a lot less power around three hours which is not ideal this is not alaptop designed really as a gaming laptop it's not really designed forbattery life for me the better life is really what I expect for a gaming laptopso nothing amazing at all in fact it's very poor as expected really so how isgaming performance well it can play all the latest games 1080p it's not aproblem you do not have to lower the resolution to something like 70TP but I have noticed that it will thermal throttle so if you don't use thecooler booster which is currently on at the moment you'll be fine with thecooler booster on I just find that the cooling at the moment isn't really doingan adequate job if you don't use that extra loud fan cooler booster whichincreases the RPMs on both of the GPU and CPU fan and really cool things rightdown so games like this yep perfectly playable so you can see that this is what happenswhen you don't use the caller booster mode that the temperatures will get upthere quite hot and it will run into thermal throttling which was triggeredright here you can see with that peak this isn't our extreme tuning utility soit's telling me there that yes it did to my throttle and that was right when theframerate literally hard it went from about 50 frames per second down to 26 30which is not good to see but if you do use the caller booster then thermalthrottling will not take place and you will not see this now editing 4k videohere which was really the main reason why I bought this particular laptop herewith the 16 gigabytes of RAM in here now the timeline is very fast I mean this ispretty much just real-time so no problems with that no slowdown or laglike trying to do this on a core m3 so I'll be using just like I did with theme notebook f13 the youtube 4k preset is what's going to be and exactly well moreor less one-minute their export it now we'll see how long it takes however ifyou have a look at this we did run into some thermal throttling again just likewhen I was gaming on it it didn't affect the CPU speeds much though in fact itlooks like they hardly dropped really only about a hundred or even less thanthat megahertz but it did get up to 96 degrees you can see right there which isjust far too hot I feel so really the cooling solution on this isn't thatgreat I don't think it's doing a very good job here if it's getting up to 96degrees so there are the 4 downwards firing speakers and unfortunately no supso these speakers they sound flat they do lack bass but they certainly do notlack in volume so let's have a listen to them now the laptop does come with the MSI'sdragons seem to like all of their gaming laptops and what it allows you to do isjust get a quick overview here of the RPMs on the fans your power mode yourGPU call clocks and things like that temperatures are also listed in here andthe system tune you're able just to tweak a few things so USB boost helpsincrease the speed there of your USB external drives and flash drives storageboosters as well and you can control the different modes here with the turbo nowthis turbo who is actually overclocking only the GPU because the CPU that's inhere is not overclockable lockable it's not a k-series one so it'snot the HK and we also have the control of the fans you can customize the fanspeeds to your own liking here in the advanced setting to control that andthen also music you can control through there the no hemic music settings andthen the RGB so you've got different modes there for anti blue to remove theblue light movie office standard things like that okay so after a week of usingthis where do I stand I'm kind of a little bit mixed here because I do likethe build of it I love typing on this keyboard it's actually a lot better thanI thought it was gonna be budget gaming laptop you have to remember that thatthis is really at the bottom end not quite the bottom bottom but hey I paid899 us for this which I feel is a really decent price considering I've got thethe core i5 kb lake 7700 in here and then a 1050 Ti with not 2 gigabytes ofRAM but the 4 gigabytes there so the screen is really good overall the buildthe touch pad here I end up using a mouse most of the time I find it's justsometimes just not quite as responsive as I would like and the material Ireally wish it was made out of glass or something but then again they've got atone down on the materials they've used here so it's all plastic you're going tobuild there's no premium materials at all so there is basically some cons thatstart out whether as soon as you get this as soon as you turn it on itsWindows 10 Chinese you can fix that the license will pull through not a problemthe drivers are all on MSI's website the biases in Chinese but not too much of anissue really because it's locked down anyway so you can't tweak advancedsettings like power limits or something like thatthe biggest con for me I feel as a design flaw here is the fans the coolingfan on the CPU is just not large enough it should be a larger size to push out ahigher volume of air to keep it from thermal throttling so we should neversee thermal throttling on a gaming laptop it doesn't matter if this is a899 that I paid for it or a $2,000 laptop it should not have thermalthrottling efforts designed properly because it's got six copper coolingpipes in there that is that's awesome it looks good it looks the part doesn't itbut because of that smaller fan it's just not pushing pushing out the airthat it should be resulting in higher temperatures reaching 96 degrees Celsiusencoding 4k video now if they improve the calling on this i would say straightaway yeah this is an absolute steal go out there and buy it now it could be myunit I don't believe it is because I've had a look now at the thermal pad whilethe pace the pad that's on there and things look normal to me I don't see anyproblem with it's not like they left a layer of plastic under there orsomething no it's all perfect to me so really I feel it's those vans and reallyMSI needs to get onto this improve the design and then this will be a reallygood gaming budget laptop here that can handle everything with that i7 700that's in there so I do have to catch you back with more up-and-coming reviewson laptops maybe not gaming ones but more the budget orientated but I will beplanning and I hope to review the Xiaomi aameen notebook pro soon once that isfinally released so I hope to catch you back then thank you so much for watchingthis rather long review here and I do hope to see you back in the channel soon .

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