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Original Halloween Costume Ideas From #AliExpress

Original Halloween Costume Ideas From #AliExpress Hello my dear AliHolics! What are you wearing this Halloween? Costumes on AliExpress are really cheap andmost people can probably afford a new one every year.
Although if you thisnk it's wasteful, andprefer to have just one, that's cool too, but you better make sure that your only oneis, like, really awesome. So, if you are buying a Halloween costumefrom AliExpress, what are your options? If you want to be original, get an inflatablecostume. This store has 18different ones that I've counted. They come with a small air pump, which worksoff 4 AA batteries. Don't forget to pack spares! Option 2 - get a onesie.
There is too many to count them all.
They come in a vast variety of colors andsizes, so don't forget to measure yourself,and if the size is borderline, I suggest you go for the bigger one. Option 3 - cosplay your favorite character. AliExpress has a lot of options for that too. And since these these charactres are popularin China too, you will likely find even the least knownand rare ones.
And the last option: assemble your own. If you are on the budget,or want something more specific, you can browse or search for wigs and accessoriesin the respective categories.
Ok, time for the giveaway winners! I'd like to thank each one of youwho participated. I loved all your responses, and I will takesome of the ideas for my future videos. If you didn't get picked this time,I encourage you to try your luck in the next draw! Our winners are (and please excuse me if Isay your name wrong): Dumitru PopliucLennin Sanchez and Steve Kane I will contact you guys through comments.
Congrats! Make sure to watch our previous video: 10weird things you can find on AliExpress. There are a lot of odd things on AliExpress,I hope you get a kick out of this clip. Thank you for watching! Make sure to order your costumes in advanceor with faster shipping to avoid disappointment! Subscribe to our channel, and I will see younext week! Cheers! .

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