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Pocophone F1 Hands-On Review - So Much On Offer For The Price

Pocophone F1 Hands-On Review - So Much On Offer For The Price So I have with me here the most requested item for me to take a look at it as the poco phone f1 and yes it's getting a huge amount of hype and I'm pretty sure it's going to live up to that hope as well when you take a look at what you're getting for the price point the specs on paper look insane really you've got the snapdragon 845 6 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of you FS 2.1 storage this is the model that I have here you do have LTE band 20 it even has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and micro SD supports something that the show me me 8 does not have their flagship it doesn't really kind of make sense they give it to the cheaper phone well it's slightly cheaper than that one and it also has with it there are larger four thousand milliamp hour battery - which is quite a bit larger than than the eight so let's see if this one here lives up to all the hype it is getting so I got this one from trading Shinzon and it is the global version here so it's going to have the European charger and it does have LTE band 20 but check if you're in the US if it does support carriers like Verizon known about you but I'm pretty sure they could have come up with a better name for this phone because they called it the Polka phone and poco in Spanish means small or little I know that xiaomi means small too doesn't it but I just feel they could have gone with a different name there and anyway so we get a clear case by the looks of it which is great to see this is a black one so it's TPU style and better than nothing great to have this straight out of the box now there is a user guide all in English and it just explains the phone in brief and I'll sim tray layout then we have our type-c cable of course and you can see the sim tray tool and our EU charger this is rated to 12 volts 2 amps and yes it is Qualcomm quick charge 3 spec it weighs in at 187 gram so it's not the latest mobile out there nor is it the slimmest and about 9 millimeters that's without the camera which sticks out ever so slightly bringing it up then 29.2 but I would rather have an extra millimeter and the four thousand milliamp hour battery instead of the smaller 3400 you get on the me eight okay so in hand a phone feels better than I thought it's not too bad yes it is plastic but what it is is like a matte finish on here and it doesn't seem to show fingerprints too bad and it gives it a little bit of a grip to it as well but I can still see that when your hands are cold and cold weather of course that it probably will be a little bit slippery look at that poco phone logo there on the back and down the bottom we have a type C port now this one also has dual loudspeakers again something than me eight does not have so we're going to mic them the loudspeaker and you'll see that around the side here we do have like a plastic trim that goes around that screen there and a chamfered edge so that's not too bad and these buttons they are made out of metal they don't rattle around or anything so they feel quite good along the top a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and then we have a secondary mic deer owl some slot the SIM tray slot here so the supports either to nano Sims or a micro SD card and nano SIM and you can see that the camera does protrude a little bit so that's sticking out ever so slightly now I'm sure you where the cameras back here so the main sensors 12 megapixels it is a sony i'm x36 3 it has an aperture of f11 and 1.4 micro meter pixel size so very decent camera but it does not have any optical image stabilization and I will check out to see whether electronic image stabilization is actually working in 4k below it right here that's a secondary 5 megapixel camera let us use for those dips effect photos and then we've got a fingerprint reader there that's a little close to the camera ideally I would like it to be a little bit lower there but overall not bad for it and dual tone LED flash now I can see some people being fooled by the silver trim around the outside looking like it could be actually a chamfered metal edge but to me I'm going to say that no that's plastic this is just like a painted plastic so the whole case on the rear is 100% plastic then the camera up the top this one's 20 megapixels so we have a slightly smaller earpiece here but the good thing is that as I mentioned that it can output and act as a second loudspeaker giving us a mids and tribbles and it also does have IR face unlocking so Tenaya assists light just to to help in low-light conditions looking at the case now so it covers everything and it is a perfect fit of course coming from the manufacturer and you notice that it does cover the camera so if you put this flat on his back the camera lenses should not get scratched and of course the top as well so all edges are covered however I've noticed that it's not going to protect the screen you'll notice that here it's actually sitting flush with the screen so if you put it flat down on a table like that then it will end up scratching the glass but for a first case that you get for free will include it in the box it's not bad so the build quality overall is good we've got 2.5 D glass and you can see the chin year so you can just make that out is quite big bears that's not a super slim chin and yes we do have the notch of course at the top I not really too happy with that design choice but hey for this price and no real complaints if it has that knotch they're just trying to copy other design trends trying to make it look maybe the front of it a little bit like the the iPhone 10 there so the bill yes is good but not premium feeling because of the plastic they could have gone with maybe alloy which would feel a little bit better if they put glass on this then that's more susceptible to breakage of course so it feels to me like a rid me device a little so I just powered it on for the first time it's coming up with me i9 but you'll see once they go through this well there's all of our languages see every single language you can think of that basically Android 8 has is going to be right here so just go through the setup and I'll run through me why for poco phone and what it looks like so you can see here the SD side bezels you know they're not super slim and the good news is we do have keyboard for the keyboard which is Google's keyboard they haven't gone with the me a1 which is great now depending on the angle I have a look at the screen you can see that it has a bit of shadowing around the corners there like a bit of leakage or bleeding what do you want to call it they're very rounded corners on this can't say I'm too much of a fan of that but again for the price you can kind of home you can overlook that can't you now I just wanted to measure this out of interest I know something you're going to hate me for doing this but just look how wide this notches from the top to the bottom of it 9.1 millimeters which is about the thickness of the phone the thickness of the knotch this is all they've really done so they've just created a new theme for poco but it is me UI 9.6 you can see if you want the more shell me look to it you can just choose those other themes here so default is you default me UI and then limitless there's another one you always get with the Shelby phone but of course I'm gonna go with the new poco theme so this is the theme and it has like I said before like kind of stock Android icons here the icon set they've gone with so because some people look a little bit better a little more familiar and I've noticed we've gone with a dark wallpaper to try and hide those missiles it's a clever move they've done so bloatware yes there's a little bit on here you can see we've got the UC browser more apps is a few things in there that you could consider as bloat differently there the different theming continues as well in the settings as you can see so under about phone let's take a look at the vision this is shipping with so it does have Android 8.1 here you can see and it's me UI 9.6 stable but it's telling me now there is actually an update coming through so they're pretty good with the update show me and normally pushing out quite a few updates taking a look at the camera hardware so the main sensor on the back as I mentioned as they Sony AMX 3 6 3 that's 12 megapixels then we have a 5 megapixel Samsung sensor the main front camera that ones 20 megapixels and also does have an auxilary front-facing cameras you can see they're from Omni vision so in the tools folder you'll find this right here this is hardware FM radio which is great to have on a phone any phone and if you don't particularly like it then you can hide that knotch as well there and use the full screen mode so that'll be using full screen gestures I actually prefer this because I've been using it quite a lot now on my show me phone so their own and I'm used to that and it is really easy once you get used to it so if you just swipe up quickly that takes you home if you swipe up and hold that's your recent apps and then from the edges just swiping well not of course when you're in recent apps is to go back so if I'm currently in chrome and then I spot like this that's to go back now one compromise with the notch that I have showed in my other videos with shammies phones with notches as to me eight is that you cannot see all the notifications so if you want to see the battery percent you want to see if you are connected up to 4G or 3G you always have to swipe down and then you can see you have that information there the same goes with notifications that you won't see them until you swipe down which is just a minor inconvenience and after a while you do actually get used to it but still if the notch was a little smaller they could put some of that information right at the top like other phones always have now we also get an apps drawer so you just swipe up and they've categorized that there you can see communication entertainment that's all right here photography tools all there for easy access this is something new here and performance so far in my testing of this ROM I mean it's as expected this is a Snapdragon 805 so everything is very quick if you're wondering where the status LED is well it's right here it's down on the bottom chin and it's only white like other Xiaomi funds so not a multi colored one so the screen resolution is 1080 by 2246 6.2 inches it's an IPS panel as I pointed out at the start you do get a little bit of shadowing around the corners and it does come out of the box with a little bit of a bluish tint now you can go into the contrast and display colors settings under display sorry and you've got different options here so really when you put it on to stand it that tends to remove that blush tint and have more of a neutral more correct white the gamma comes out to be 2.0 ideally it should be 2.2 and the maximum brightness is about 480 Lux which isn't the brightest screen out there it actually is quite a decent screen I feel not bad it's certainly not the best just be prepared no screen legibility and things outside isn't going to be the greatest like the AMOLED panels especially the Samsung's can go way of it over 700 or 600 bucks but all in all the blacks look okay for an IPS panel I do think it's fine now there were some comments on if there is any ghosting I'm seeing on this panel so far nothing in the hours I've been using it I think at least my unit is perfectly fine there now let's just go through the usual tests so run so the internal storage ufs 2.1 spec at this price point is really great I expected MMC 5 and very decent speeds as you can see the antutu score is as expected for chipset so that's really good it's right up there 270,000 almost not the highest I've seen from this particular chipset you tend to get a little bit high with eight gigabytes of RAM different models that are out there of course and then when we take a look at the wireless so the wireless is very fast good range on this no problems whatsoever aided by the fact that it has a plastic body I think as well so we're getting around 521 megabits per second the connection between the phone and my 5g router 4G speeds these are not the fastest here orange in Spain is terrible but there's no complaints this is working like any other phone and the same goes for signal strength perception and yes call quality does sound recently good it's very similar to the me eight so the earpiece isn't the highest quality earpiece you will hear out there but it's still perfectly fine for the price point GPS is working fine too so it locks on and uses every single satellite it sees accuracy and the beginning was around about eight meters but after I started to move and walk around in the street it then dropped down to three to four so perfectly fine very good performance here from GPS Widevine support analysis is expected we knew this we know this because Xiaomi phones that they just never go for security level one what this translates into is Netflix will not be running in full HD there's gonna be stuck on standard definition treble support yes of course we do have it with Android 8.1 but it does not support seamless updates and this is again very common for a ShowMe mobile phone camera to api support according to this full support but for some reason open camera will not let us use the electronic image stabilization in 4k doesn't want to work so shaky footage now until audio so as I mentioned cool quality seems to be perfectly fine we've got the noise cancellation two mics there no real major issues with it at all the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack of course that's up the top and like all Xiaomi phones it sounds pretty good to me very good nice and clean volume may be a little lacking but overall excellent quality it's even better than some other flagships that I have tested out and we've got the two loudspeakers so the one down on the bottom down here which is your mids and the sub and what we have up the top is mostly just highs coming out of that tiny little earpiece secondary speaker so as you can hear from that the secondary top epi speaker doesn't really add too much but it's something at least which is great something in the me eight does not have a no rule allowed speaker for a three hundred dollar phone this is good no real complaints the loudness is good enough as well performance out the fine overall is good it's very smooth it's fast going through different things gallery I'll just show you YouTube - everything's loading in quick now the app drawer one thing I've noticed that when you add or download should I say a new app that it won't actually automatically give you a shortcut which is just a minor annoyance this you have to go and make that yourself normally with most of these phones that would actually be automatic so you gotta go and then put them in here which is just one minor thing and you can you can of course use Nova Launcher Apex Launcher or something if you don't like this and you can go back to a different theme as well with that so overall it is looking good I don't want it to show you is weld Twitter performance and let's just quickly find Twitter there it is this also is very quick as expected I mean this is a flagship chipset and okay you get an initial little bits of status that you always get on any phone because it's just loading in what is there but I roll the performance seems to be very decent it is smooth its quick and you can multitask quite a bit there - no problems I prefer using their full screen gesture mode so titles like pub G this is on the high settings ultra framerate gaming on this is gonna be very smooth of course it's expected for this spec now it does have that thermal transfer heat pipe on the back people have actually done tear downs and proven that it does have that so that is good so that's going to keep things a little bit cooler than other phones so it's really good for gaming and you'd also notice too that it is zooming in with the scope and thing so I don't have a scope at the moment but that is really smooth as expected but notice how the curvature of the screen is cutting into that text there with it where it says alive so quick estimate here remember just an estimate on battery life definite two day mobile phone I feel for most people and you should be able to get around about twelve hours of continuous screen on time thanks to the fact that we do have a larger four thousand milliamp hour bed charge times well that's gonna be about two and a half hours with Qualcomm quick charge three so that fingerprint read it is always on and it works in under one second super quick there's no really need to show you there but it will show you the face unlocking which works really fast so I'll just lock the phone and then you need to only just tap the power button and look at it and there you go it unlocks it's really quick I'll do that again okay did not recognize me but then it got it that's because I got my camera tripod in the way but when that's not all in the way or do it one more time there we go very quick so the stock camera app here is as expected Xiaomi you've got HDR modes we have ai mode as well you've got your portrait mode which uses both of those cameras there I will give you a some samples of that when I go out and take some sample footage so one other thing to point out to that with the video all the way up to 4k but 4k doesn't seem to be working the electronic image stabilization exactly like the other phones like the me eight and then me mix to is as you can see here that it is an able but it just doesn't seem to be working in 4k so video encoder you can change this to H 2.65 if you wanted to so smaller file slightly better performance but less compatibility focus you can override that you've got your high frame rate video modes all the way up to 1080p 240 frames per second slow motion in time-lapse but no 1080p 60 frames per second mode sample of the rear camera so this is being shot in 4k and you will notice that it does not have any electronic stabilization as I mentioned with say a real shame that they cannot enable this for some reason and not even using open camera works comedy is good it is sharp as you can see it's just you're gonna need to use a gimbal with this really one of those handheld stabilizers to get a steady good usable footage focus is very good so if I put my hand up here dual pixel phase detection autofocus is the best kind of focus around for mobile phones their focus however does seem to struggle in low-light getting a lock you noticed that it does tend to focus hunts from time to time front camera as well does not have any electronic image stabilization even though it is unable to gain in the city qualities things pretty good 1080p maximum here would like to see at least 1440p or even 4k if they could with the front cam would be great but overall decent quality dynamic range isn't really picking up any details there of the sky the clouds behind me that's washed out camera now in low-light as you can see it is holding up okay I mean the quality's not amazing but at least it's not dropping frames like crazy which some phones do so yeah you can believe the hype on this it surprised me a little bit when I got it I was expecting maybe a little bit cheaper quality but in hand it feels good yes it's a little bit heavy a hundred and eighty seven grams yes it's a little thicker around nine millimeters but we get a larger battery that is good so the plastic on it it's not a bad plastic they've used to me it feels like a premium snapdragon 845 redmi phone is the way to describe it I feel if you had the redmi phones before like for example the redmi s2 or the me sorry the a2 light that's what I wanted to call don't get it mixed up so many phones from Xiaomi it's got that kind of feel to it the build on it it's not really a bad thing but it's all plastic on the back but that means you're not going to be shattering any glass if you do drop it if they've gone with an alloy it would give it a bit more of a premium feel but really that is nitpicking the speck you've got on here you've got a copper thermal transfer pipe in here taking the heat away from the GPU and bring it down the body a little bit behind the battery if you have a look at videos that people post it off the actual internals of this then it does have that it's not just marketing and not just advertising so that is great so you get a amazing performance from this phone for the price it's really really good okay the display has some minor little cons there are they deal breakers for the price of the phone I don't think they are so brightness pops out about 480 lux it's not the brightest screen we get a little bit of bleeding shadowing and darkness around some of the edges light leakage but very very minor to me it's not even almost worth mentioning again when you look at the price of this because it's over or it's a decent IPS panel they've gone for if you expect to have an AMOLED pen or OLED this price point forget it it's not gonna be happening not yet at least maybe in 2020 who knows but overall good screen yes they're not just wide it's long so you can't see the notifications when you swipe down but you have very good storage performance really fast Wireless 4G support micro SD card support 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with really good quality from that a very decent loudspeaker it's not the loudest it's not the best I've heard but it's still good again for the price you can hear that a lot so really it is living up to the hype the biggest con for me would be the 4k footage so it doesn't have any electronic image stabilization like the me 8 you enable it in the ceilings but it doesn't work and certainly open camera doesn't let us and stabilize the footage either with the electronic image stabilization seating so that's a shame to get shaky footage low light performance with the camera yeah it's not going to be the best because it doesn't have optical image stabilization they can't push up that shutter rate get a slower shutter to capture more details more light it's not possible there but it is a good sensor on there and overall the front-facing selfie cam looks ok as well so it's offering so much for this price point I want to see more manufacturers do this and hopefully this phone is going to shake things up a little bit those greedy companies that are really taking way too much of a cut on their products I'm talking about the thousand-dollar mobile phones out there that every year seems to be about a hundred euros 100 US more almost or 50 u.s.
more those prices hope that trend is gonna start to die because they will be losing sales to phones like this I believe because a lot of people change their phone every year you want the best performance you don't need amazing 4k video then this is definitely one to go for if you don't mind the notch letters and the rounded edges just minor things this is all this phone really has so far that I can see minor things now better life I haven't had enough time with it to get my full results but it should be 2 days I mean I could get 2 days out of the me 8 with a smaller battery capacity only 3400 million hours and then I think got about 11 hours screen on time so you should be able to get about 12 hours if not more continual screen on time with my kind of tests that I do say it's continual use mostly on wireless otherwise it is looking really good fantastic phone I would not hesitate to buy this if you want this kind of performance and if you want something that's about 300 u.s. 350 what do you have to pay for that then it's definitely worthwhile thank you so much for watching this video now I do have up here my review of the me 8 if you want to check that out it's similar kind of phone with a more premium and design to it and slightly better build quality and then my latest video is right up here and don't forget that I also have a giveaway that is an MSI gaming laptop so make sure you enter and to win that Buy for now .

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