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T-Bao Tbook4 Full Review - 141" N3450 6GB Laptop For 239

T-Bao Tbook4 Full Review - 141 N3450 6GB Laptop For $239 So this Apollo Lake powered laptopis the T book 4 and it's undoubtedly the best-looking one that I have lookedat so far because it isn't that ugly champagne gold color and it's not thesilver it comes in this nice darker gray which looks really quite decent itweighs just 1.3 kilos it's very slim now it has a logo on the back here which isa little bit ugly unfortunately it's not a sticker this can't be removed righthere so the lid has a little bit of flex to it and one thing that annoys meslightly as you see the lid doesn't quite close properly it's moving alittle bit there there are no magnets in here to keep it shut perhaps to reducethe weight but I find that to be a little annoyingnow this spec is pretty standard here we've got 6 gigabytes of RAM 64gigabytes of EMC 4.5 spec storage there is an SSD slot on there so you canexpand that you can put in your own SSD to improve performance and increase thestorage capacity now Windows 10 on the model came in Chinese so I had toinstall English and the CD key that they have used in here didn't want toactivate either so I had to supply my own one which isn't really good at allnow the battery capacity comes in around 10,000 milliamp hours or 3738 what hoursso there's a bit of a deal-breaker on here for a lot of people now I boughtthis thinking that it was going to come with wireless AC that was what was inthe listing from geek buying calm where I bought this but as you can see it hasthe realtek wireless end chipset so we're going to be limited in speed so Ican't get the full advantage of my fiber optic line here I have in the studiowhich is a real shame and for me personally is a deal-breakerso for ports on the left side first there's a status LED then a micro HDMIport that does not even work now other owners in my forum also have the sameissues so it seems the first batch the port just does not even work at all sothat's very disappointing full-size USB 3 port now it will power external harddrives right side a DC port for charging which is 12 volts 2.5 amps or higher thethree point five minute head phone jack which doesn't have any static over it itseems to be pretty clear which is good another USB 3 port which will againpower external hard drives and then the microSD card slot so that microSD isthey fit in there nice and flush they should not fall out now I do have acomplaint which is quite frequent that the port spacing here is a little tooclose together so the 3.5 millimeter if you want to be using that and then plugin on the right side here a very large USB 3 pin drive or something like thatthen you won't be able to do that because it's just too close there youhave to use the port on the other side now the touch pad on it is one of thelarger ones you'll find on these are polar lakes and it is one of the bestones is a big surprise here it's a precision touchpad so it supports all ofthe windows team gestures you've got full control so if you don't like someof the gestures or you want to have the swipe up and down with two fingersreversed you can control all that and the accuracy up for finer movements isreally quite good and overall I would say and the stage is probably the bestmaybe equal the same with the cube I work 5x which also has a precisiontouchpad and a very decent one so keyboard is a bit of a mixed bag we'vegot decent key travel over our 1.25 4 millimeters the feel of the keysthemselves isn't too bad now we've got media control shortcuts at the top evenscreen brightness print screen button home page up page down and end which isall great to see the power button location I find that I don'taccidentally trigger now I do have a bit of an issue with the space key you willsee it on the left there it is slightly higher than on the right and now I'mpressing it it just doesn't register I'd say one out of ten presses it will notregister so that's a little bit annoying and can cause typos and I have noticedthat sometimes this is probably about one out of 10 or 20 times you'repressing the keys one of the keys will not registers so it is definitely not asgood the keyboard as the one that I've been using in my easy book 3 Pro showyou how far the lid can recline so that some it's actually not too bad one ofthe positives of the T book four is we have this easy access flaps you don'thave to go around removing all of these outer screws to get access to the SSDbay the slot on there simple one screw this comes up then you put your SSD inhere now it must be 22 by 42 millimeters and there's no screw inside here becausethe screw of the lid is what keeps that in place there so really well designedand I wish all of the Apollo 8 laptops and all future ones would have the sameflap on them because it just makes life easy so at the top of that fourteenpoint one inch screen we have two microphones left and right of the webcamwhich is two megapixels 720p max 30 frames per second but it seems to onlyrecord in windows camera app at around 15 frames per second but looks choppybut when I was using this webcam and Skype I found the quality to beacceptable it's not a bad webcam and I have seen a hell of a lot worse thereare ones out there that only run in VGA resolution so the bias it has iscompletely unlocked to us but it does not have that sitting which can reallyboost the performance which is the of course advanced CPU setting the powermanagement sorry not power management about the power limit but that's not toomuch of an issue now because there's a way to bypass those power limits thatare set by stock which is six watts and we can increase that to ten or fifteenwhat's even unlimited to boost the performance now it will boot Linux allyou need to do is insert a Linux pendrive make sure it is formattedcorrectly the USB pendrive you use and then you can boot to that just from thismenu right here which is the save and exit menu find it boot it and Linux willwork but what doesn't seem to work correctly or if we don't have anydrivers as the touchpad apart from that everything else is working so the screenthat's on here and the t book for is a anti-glare coated screen so it's notsusceptible to reflections really good to use in bright environments eventhough the maximum brightness is only 258 Lux which is okay borderline but atthe maximum setting it is perfectly fine you can even yououtdoors so that is fine however I've got a few complaints with the screen onmy unit I sometimes see these vertical lines that I mentioned in my unboxingvideo and it turns out that the reason behind this is that the refresh rate theHertz that it's running at is only forty eight Hertz so it's not running at thefull sixty Hertz like you would find on any other Apollo Lake notebook now thereason why the T book is like this I think is because I've said it to save onbatteries so it gives us a boost in battery life which I'll talk about laterin this video I can pick up on that flicker now shown this laptop to acouple of other people and people like my wife for example she doesn't actuallysee this flicker so it's something I'm more used to using PCs and gaming at our60 Hertz or even higher at a hundred and twenty Hertz and then coming that now tofully eight Hertz it's definitely noticeable to me now forsome people this again might be a deal-breaker but for I feel that a lotof people probably won't even see it so the screen quality itself it's gotreally good blacks as an IPS screen the viewing angles are fine and you can seethis is better video 4k Noah she's playing this and it does run vp9 a TVCcodecs with ease that's part of the hardware decoding that the Apollo Lakescan handle so overall the screen is okay it's justnot the greatest panel definitely not and I'll show you the brightness veryquickly to that 75% on 100 and the dimmer sitting there I feel should be alittle bit dimmer so for memory we've got six gigabytes of double data ratethree RAM that is running at 1600 megahertz this is the fastest speed thatit supports so that is correct they haven't clocked down the round speeds oranything like that and is running in dual channel now if you look at theinternals of it you will see they're actually just two three gigabyte chipson there which seems like a strange setup but Samsung do produce these andthat is what they're using those at the low power double data rate three so herewe have a couple of benchmarks that I went through so the first up isGeekbench for now these scores are perfectly fine you can get a little bithigher if you tweak the power limit which I will notdo in this review but I have a separate video up if you want more informationabout that check down in the description that's how you can boost the performancegreatly mostly the GPU and these polar lakes is just a recent breakthrough wehad so that Wireless is that real tech chipset and here you can see the maximumspeeds far below what I can get from wireless AC however I will give it onething and that is the range on this is exceptional really it is really reallygood I've not seen this kind of range normally out of these cheaper laptopsthat I can go right to the other end of the studio and the signal is still onfull and it still gets quite decent speeds as well so that's one positiveout of this limitation here so if you're someone that's got very slow ADSL oryou're not moving files to a file server then wireless n probably won't affectyou that much there that it would for someone like me that I've got a fiberoptic line with 300 meters per second I really want to be able to use that speedso and to to score one hundred and twenty thousand this is more or lessexactly the same as any other app ole ole ole 8 in the cell run n 3 4 50 andthe emmc speeds so it is a toshiba drive and it is 4.5 specs so not emmc 5 thatwe have been seeing so the speeds there reads it ok I mean it pretty good 150 isgood 50 right mm you know a little bit low there for case also lowso I recommend going with an SSD if you can and then you will get full set of 3speeds so a lot faster up to 550 read sequential and 550 writes depending onwhat drive you use but you're limited on that size because it's only a 22 42 soyou probably a somewhere a little bit lie when it comes to the write speedsnow battery life is where the t book 4 really excels here I can get up to 10hours of light web view so if you set your brightness to about 25% and I wasin chrome and edge I managed to get close to that now this test here thatI'm showing you you can see I've got almost 7 hours here now this wascontinual Streetin 1080p and YouTube using Chrome for the whole six hours I think it didreally well to get almost seven hours and I still had 19% left so this isprobably the best battery life I've seen on the Apollo's in fact it is and thereason probably is because of that refresh rate that we have on the IPSpanel so it's only 48 Hertz which is saving some power there because it's notrefreshing at 60 now charge times it takes almost three hours just underthree hours to fully charge farm right down on seven six percent when I ran mytests there so the easy buck 3 Pro which is in the background here then headsdown with phone speakers on the bottom here and there but you can see on thisone that hang on where the speaker's so they're actually located just below thescreen just up here there's a little gap up there little grill and that is wherethe sound is transmitted so let's have a listen to those speakers okay so they've got a decent volume if Ican even call that decent really but they distort a lot at 100% it's a lot ofvibrations coming through that area I think the keys on the keyboard is whatis vibrating causing that distortion there so these speakers are quite poorin this notebook now to touch on performance here the Apolo legs a lot ofpeople I think it quite confused and mistaken by the fact that yes it reallyis a successor to the Assam but the GPU is a lot more powerful and it's got somenative codec support as I mentioned before with video so you can run thingslike Adobe Photoshop here you can do some minor edits now wouldn't get toocrazy on layers and filters it will really start to bog down quite quicklyon this chipset but I am doing a bit of multitasking here so I've got some tabsopen in chrome if you're a heavy chrome user you can use up to about five or sixtabs and even more before you start to fill up the RAM and you'll notice thespeed will slow down there so you can get away with I think up to about 10tabs it all depends on if you're viewing flash websites or heavy widgets websitesso scrolling is smooth and the performance there is good now 4kstreaming and YouTube will not work well in Chromebut it's perfectly fine in edge and overall the performance of the ApolloLake is good for light tasks so watching videos YouTube chrome Doc's excel aslong as the spreadsheets and like massive huge heavy spreadsheets youreally want the SSD for that probably because that's going to speed things uptoo when it comes to loading things up loading applications running it off theSSD so the performance a lot of people are surprised with them but a lot ofpeople as I mentioned get a little bit confused now you can't play battlefield1 on this but we'll have a look at some gaming now and check out and see whatkind of frames per second we do on some light games popular online ones likeCounter Strike global Offensive and League of Legends so counter-strike youcan see is only running about 20 frames per second even lower than thatso not really playable this is 800 x 600 lowest settings and you're going to seethat a lot that doesn't need dying all the time so that's just too laggy toochoppy too even be playable at all yeah and I got ahead shot so let's see what happens when I tweak the power limits and put it to15 watts so now with that tweet we're getting around 40 to 45 frames persecond it's a lot smoother and a lot more playable but it hasn't improved mygameplay as you can see it's still absolutely terribleshocking League of Legends so this is running 1080p the native screenresolution very low option so the visuals on the lowest setting we'regetting around 55 to mid higher 50s which is great but bear in mind I dohave that power limit tweak applied so without that tweak it had probablyaround 40 frames per second so if there was a really good on this laptop the Tbook 4 only gets up to around 66 degrees maximum and that's after about 58minutes or so that I've had it running been doing a bit of gaming as well nowif you game for long long periods and you're charging at the same time then itwill get up to around about 75 degrees but even so that is still really goodfor a passively cooled laptop and surface temperatures are the hottest onthe top so just on the left hand side we're getting up to a rather warm 38degrees palm rest a lot cooler there around 35 so it does get warm to thetouch but it's nothing alarming nothing to worry about I feel ok so end of theday I cannot really recommend this at all unless you can pick it up for areally low price like 180 u.s.
or somethingthe biggest disappointment for me is the lack of wireless AC I expected to getwireless AC because that is what was in the listing I disputed that with geekbuying comm and I managed to get a 15 us refund which is at least something butthey can't take advantage of my full Wallis the speeds that I had here on myfibre optic but the wireless in range is really really good that's probably oneof the best I have seen in terms of range that's greatsame goes for the touchpad this touchpad very good say precision one and I cancontrol those gestures I can disable the ones I do not like and really you cantweak it just a slight speed tweak it seems very accurate and very usable thisone now the keyboard is a disappointment because we do sometimes have issues withthe spacebar and other owners are reporting the same problem that thespace part just doesn't seem to work sometimes and I feel like I have to workit a lot harder to get it to work 10 out of 10 times otherwise it's only going towork 9 or 8 times out of 10 which is just not good enough is it no anotherreal disappointment is the micro HDMI port is completely dead it doesn't seemto be wired up properly or it's a fault with the first batch so that is not goodso this green runs at 48 Hertz also not good it should be running at 60 Hertzbecause some people will see some flicker there now I myself personally dobut I know others do not so maybe it's not going to bother everyone and anotherpro here is the thermals really good and the battery life again very good thebest I've seen yet you can get up to 10 hours if you run it at 25 percentbrightness and you're just doing some kind of light work so using edge that ispossible so that's positive and of course I love the color of this thedarker kind of grey looks really nice it makes it look a bit more professional soI recommend going for the easy book 3 Pro which is sitting in the backgroundthere even though that has a worse touchpad the keyboards better it stillgets around 8 hours battery life to screen runs at 60 Hertz and itself foraround 240 230 us end of the day much better because the port's work on HDMIis working and really I feel that is the one to beat still even I'm looking atall these new Apollo Lake laptops I think it's going to be hard put to beatthat one so I will be back with some more Apollo 8 laptops I've got the cubeI work 5x to check out and possibly the 3l Pro which is another easy book oneand then the easy book or m3 powered 3 plus very confusing naming system sohave to catch it in if you do have any questions please let me know down in thecomments catch you soon .

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