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UMIDIGI Z2 Pro Review - Much Faster, But Still Flawed

UMIDIGI Z2 Pro Review - Much Faster, But Still Flawed Chris here I'm back with the UMIDIGI Z2 which may seem as a surprise to some of you because I wasn't particularlyhappy with that phone when I reviewed it because of the cameras that were notvery good but we have now the Z2 pro version which has the new Helio P60 frommediatek so that's the main reason why I'm actually looking at this phone notto torture myself but to just take a look at the general performance of thatnew chipset which is now paired up with a MaliG-72 GPU instead of the Mali T880 it has up to cos and overall it actually doesperform very similar to the snapdragon 616 solet's take a look at this one here the UMIDIGI z2 pro so this is what you getinside the box you have the phone that is inside a case it's a rubber case herewith a texture to it it's not too bad a little bit on the cheap side but ofcourse it is better than nothing we have your typical instruction manualleaflet warranty card and some tool right here 3.5 millimeter headphoneadapter because the phone is lacking a 3.5 mm headphone jack so that the onlything it is actually lacking in you have a red type-c cable and then a 12 volt1.5 amp quick charger the phone weighs a hundred and sixty-six grams which ismore or less the same weight as the humidity is z2 as expected and thethickness is about eight point five millimeters that's without the camerasthe cameras sticks out ever so slightly bringing that now up to 8.8 millimetersso the build of the phone it does actually feel quite good it has a bit ofa samsung galaxy s7 s8 feel to it with the metal frame around the outside we'vegot antenna lines as you can see here so the loudspeaker down the bottom there'sjust one right here the mic is here and the type C port so it does feel good inhand there's no real faults at all with the build you cannot fault it middlevolume up and down and power buttons there they do not rattle around which isgood and along the top we just have a secondary mic so such a shame that theycouldn't actually fit a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on this one so the glassalong the front it does have 2.5 D edges and yes itas a rather large not sure about the same size as the shell me me eight andjust like the z2 I looked at it has a glass on the rear we have thefingerprint reader now this fingerprint reader is a little slow and so my twodays now of using it it takes about two seconds to unlock now the camera at therear just like the z2 that I reviewed itdoesn't seem to do anything while the application the camera at the stock onewith the z2 didn't actually let you use the secondary camera or a bokeh mode toget your blurred backgrounds it's now there but it's fake because you put yourfinger over this taking photos as well and nothing comes out the same goes withthe front-facing camera the front cameras are the same so wehave an apparent 16 megapixel sensor alongside an 8 megapixel one bit samething take a selfie block it and it will not actually show up in the photo so tome the secondary cameras are actually fake or they're just not even used wehave a tiny little earpiece as you can see and the call quality out of the seerpiece to me is not very good it is average or even below average our simtray which is metal reinforced will take either two nano Sims or nano sim andmicro SD card the friendships with androids 8.1 we have a 128 gigabyte ROMI will show you the speeds of that but it's MMC 5.1 speaker and it's actuallyquite quick 6 gigabytes of RAM and a security patch level is from July the1st so it's a little dated now the biggest change is course the chipsetthat's the only real major change here we have going from the Z2 that to the Z2Pro and the reason why I am checking out this phone is I wanted to see just howthe Hallyu p60 performs so it's an octa-core CPU and it does have the Malig72 mp3 and benchmarks show us that it performs similar to the snapdragon 660which is great because this later on is going to be running in some othertablets I review the wrong performance is very good it's really smooth so we'vegot stock Android eights and it's stock launcher and I really run into noproblems using it over my two days and the performance is something that itreally does actually surprise me that it is good a very fast animationsas well and when you're multitasking is swapping between various different appsthat'll tends to be very smooth I haven't really seen any slowdown or lagmaybe now and then when you're really running a lot of things but chromeperformance or just reload the page is a very smooth the screen keeps up thescrolling the touch response from that screen as well is good and no visibleghosting or any other negative effects they of the rom so overall thumbs up forthe performance of this rom that it is really quite quick and good and one ofthe positive aspects of the humidity z2 Pro GPS works quite well the accuracy isnormally around 3 to 4 it doesn't lock on to all of the satellites however itseems to be something that the mediatek chipsets do maybe it's for batterysaving who knows but it is to me a little bit better than the Helio x20series there now the internal storage very quick here so eMMC 5.1 spec noproblems here that's not going to bottleneck the system that is good newsand that's the end to to squaty that I have showed you now the 4G speeds andnot too bad this was my test this time around using your ego not orange that Itypically run so I'm getting speeds of around 30 and uploads about 20 also onmy Xiaomi me max 3 so this is on par with other phone signal strength itseems to be good as well the wireless 2 is not really a problem their tops outabout 344 megabits per second it's a maximum speeds you'll get out ofwireless 5g so no surprises here Widevine level 3 a lot of chinese phonesand not bothering getting the liver 1 cert so netflix will only run instandard definition project treble support is there because it is androids8.1 however no seamless updates with this particular mobile now out of thebox you don't get any real bloatware and you get nothing from your meat digi butyou do get a lot of Google bloat so they've put a lot of their applicationson there and that's the stock apps that you get when you first power it on nowlooking at the screen there's no noticeable light leakage there's alittle bit of shadowing you see around the notch and yes it does have a rathery and tall not sure that is kind ofannoying so when you want to see you notifications you want to see if youconnect it up through 4G data and your battery % you must swipe down now thatis very similar to the other phones I have used for example the poco phone theme 8 and the me 8 SC you have to swipe down as well because this knotch is alimiting what the UI can display their with information so no light be down nolight bleed and leakage with the IPS panel down and the bottom there so tosay 6.2 inch screen and what we have on here is a resolution of 1080 by 2246the DPI used in the ROM is 480 and the gamma is a little off it's around about2.4 it should be about 2.2 maximum brightness tops out at 471 Lux which isokay ideally I like to see up around 500 and 600 on a mobile phone now when youtake a look at some real-world images it's a nice screen in some ways I likeit better than the poco phone screen but unfortunately we don't have mirrorvision which is media Tex you could say display tweaking application that allowsyou to change the white balance and you can customize just a few things thereunfortunately for some unknown reason it is missing from this ROM or hopefullythey have not dropped it with the new Hal EOP 60 I think it's just more casethat you me dig' did not include it otherwise quite a nice screen on thisphone I feel for an IPS panel so the phone does have face unlocking and ittends to work okay but it does take about 2 seconds so I'm just gonna retryagain I'll lock and do this again I didn't the camera tripod in the way okdidn't get it see if it's gonna try again ok it got it then one more attemptok but it seems to be like that all the time it's very hit and miss and thefingerprint reader tends to work a little bit better but as you see it isquite slow so the phone is locked I'll touch it it unlocks it's about 2 secondsso you can see so 1 2 there we go now what about music quality so the typec2 3.5 millimeter headphone jack tested it out the adapter of course andthe sound quality is okay but definitely the Xiaomi three point five minuteheadphone jacks sound to me a lot better now there is the one loudspeaker downthe bottom so there's no second really on speaker at the top and nothing likethat earpiece I think is just too small for that anyway but I will give you asample of how it sounds it's okay it could be a little bit louder it doeshave a little bit of bass and treble its overall an average loudspeaker buthere's that sample now where we are seeing a huge improvement here is thegraphics performance so this is up apparently about 30% over the previousgeneration the male 8880 GPU that they were using so the G 72 to me seemsreally good I mean I haven't seen any major slowdown or lag or anything nowthis is pub G on the HD setting and with the high frame rate and it is reallyquite good actually when you zoom in you're not gonna see any noticeable reallag and overall looking very good so I'm really looking forward to seeing thisparticular chipset as well come through into the Chinese tablets that I oftenreview in the channel and another demanding game this is lineage 2revolutions it's on a high setting and it's a 2 running really quite good sothe G 72 GPU is a definite step up massive improvement over the Mele t8 80 and what about thermals so after gamingnow for 25 minutes it gets warm to the touch so getting up to about now 33degrees the hottest I have seen it is up to 35 and when you're charging it alsogets very hot now the phone does have NFC it also has 15 watt wirelesscharging unfortunately I could not test it out because I don't have a 15 wattwireless charger but my other wireless charger when placed on top it did startto charge the phone just like the Zito that I tested out the camera is by farthe worst thing about this so we've got not only secondary cameras that could befake they don't tend to use them so we have that blurred bokeh mode and all itdoes is just put a ring around the outside here so it's fakebouquet it's not using two lenses it's not using software stitching between theblurred backgrounds and then your subject no none of that herewhat is also missing is 4k so when you're in the video mode actually I'lljust go through into that now so you've only got these modes here very limitedcamera it's supposed to have 4k now you've got video quality up to as youcan see 1080p then is the maximum you do have electronic image stabilization butoverall terrible cameras as you'll see from these samples they're not wonderfulat all often it gets the white bands rolling the colors wrong as well so this is the front-facing camera overthe electronic image stabilization enabled now the quality looks prettygood the stabilization as well is actually doing quite a good jobconsidering I'm holding this handheld out from the front of my face here andeverything to the notice that the exposure sometimes has some ratherdramatic changes that you can actually see that exposure level changing it'snot so smooth the transition at times but overall this front-facing cameraquality is looking pretty good I do like the stabilization this is a video samplenow with the rear camera 1080p with the electronic image stabilization enabledwhich actually does work really well just demonstrate walk towards this palmtree right here and that's good so I do like the fact that we've got theelectronic image stabilization it also works with the front camera of thatsample I showed you and the focus tends to be okay it actually doesn't reallywant to lock onto things so you have to tap to focus it doesn't seem to have anauto focus there's no way to change that seating and then it's probably becausethe focus is really quite poor on this camera I have found audio quality seemsalright overall for 1080p the quality is not badit is just the lift focus really that is a problemand it's no 4k that they advertised this phone being capable of ok so to recaphere we do have a very good build quality middle frame around the outsidewe have glass on the rear curved edges and overall the phone in hand does feelquite good it feels like a premium build that it has on here so the screen doeshave the notch which is annoying you're apart from that notch this IPS panel hasless light leakage less light bleed than the poker phone if one that I recentlytook a look at this one so in a way it actually has a better screen it's aboutthe same level of brightness as well as the poco phone screen but we cannottweak the white balance unfortunately it doesn't have mirror vision on here thatapplication so this phone has LTE band 20 it has wireless charging acclaimed upto 15 watts and it also does not have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack so it'sgot a lot of things going for it now the Helio P60 is of much faster chipsetthan the previous Helio ex generation this one's a lot bettermore powerful GPU all the games I tested and played had smooth playable framerates you can't really say the same about the Helio or X 22 X 23 s they tendto be a little bit more choppy and laggy with some games have to run the lastsettings or you just occasionally see more stutter so big improvement there interms of performance yes now it does get quite warm with your game on it and whenyou charge it gets very hot when you charge it and that was a little alarmingto me just how hot this got and but it did charge quite quickly under two hourswhich is good to see now the battery on this I'm able to burn through it reallyquite quickly in my initial first tests unfortunately I don't have the resultshere because I plugged it in to download my photos and that reset the batterystats there but you're looking at only about six hours now that was a verydemanding test that I did so what I was doing was mostly gaming I was doing alittle bit of YouTube streaming and just using it non-stop and it tend to burnquite quickly their battery through it when you were gaming so I you'd start agame you play for about half an hour and you just lose like 25% 20% so not reallythat good so I feel it's more of a day yeah most people will definitely make itthrough a day two days depends on your use but probably not actually so theface unlocking I'll just demonstrate it here if I can and just okay so I'mdetecting me now again it's very hit and miss there we go and unlocked youprobably heard from that audio confirmation at the fingerprint radioI'll demonstrate that now so I'm about to touch it now and it's about twoseconds that's not too bad so there are a lot of nice things going for the phonebut the biggest for me just like the z2 Pro is the fake cameras now maybe thatis a real camera sensor the secondary camera the 6 megapixel one sorry 8megapixel whoa I don't think they're using it well it doesn't seem to work atall so what they're doing is like other companies like Doogee I call them Dodgythey're really faking the dual camera setup it's not a proper tool camerasetup it does not have proper bokeh blurred background photos it just puts ablue ring around the photo and that is it so it is fake the photo quality theimages themselves are not good we do not have 4k video for some reason that eventhough the spec sheet there press info says that yes this can record4k video clearly it doesn't at the moment perhaps an OTA over the updatewill actually add that who knows but I don't believe it will so really this isnot a mobile phone I feel to buy I mean yes it's got a lot of good things butyou should spend 50 USD more for example you've got yourself the PocoPhone F1 which is a flagship phone that has a much better battery life muchbetter everything basically on that one apart from maybe the screen that isabout it so thank you so much for watching this review my latest videosare right up here and if you are interested don't know why and you wantto see the z2 review that is also right up there and I do hope to catch you inmy next up-and-coming videos bye for now .

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