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Unboxing Cheap Products From AliExpress - Vol10 | 10 Or Less

Unboxing Cheap Products From AliExpress - Vol10 $10 Or Less Over the last week I received a bunch of newproducts, some of which I ordered a month or so ago, so on Monday I recorded this video.
We are going to see a quick unboxing and test,and at the end there will be a few other cool products. The items from this haul have arrived to mea lot faster than I’m used to. With the Canada Post strike that was happeningat the end of last year that created a big backlog, and with the Chinese New Year thatwas in February during which nothing was being shipped I expected the wait to be over 2 months,but everything has arrived in less than 3 weeks. The first item has been shipped in a cardboardbox, inside of which was a styrofoam container. This is a ceramic corgi flower pot that Iwas going to be using as a background prop in unboxing videos.
The pot ended up a bit larger than I expected,unlike the reaction I get from the the girls that I date.
As per the advice from Maria Helena I decidedto give succulents another chance, but ended up putting my new cactus into it. I like the way it looks, and I also find corgisextremely adorable so this was a pretty good purchase in my eyes. The second item has been shipped in a softplastic envelope and it was folded twice which resulted in creases. Because of the material I was not sure ifit was a good idea to iron it, but I later realized that it should be fine if I placeit on the cold floor and cover it with a thick towel or a blanket.
This is a marble PVC pad that I was goingto be using as a cover during the future unboxing videos. The third item today has also been shippedin a soft plastic envelope.
This is something that you can possibly craftyourself, but since suffer from a common ‘hands-out-your-butt’ syndrome I decided that it would be betterto just buy one, especially since it is so cheap. This is a hologram projector for your smartphone. The way it works is that you play a videoor open a picture where the same image is placed in four corners of the display, andthe projector reflects them into a single image.
There is a ton of videos on YouTube that youcan use it with, or if you are really determined, you can make these videos yourself. The next item is something that we have seenin the previous “things for $3 or less” videos. It is a simple yet a very elegant solutionfor the people who have older vehicles or sound systems that do not have a revolutionaryfeature by the name of Bluetooth.
This is an AUX Bluetooth receiver. What I didn’t realize is that this receiverdoes not draw power through the audio input, so it needs to be charged.
It works for about 4 hours on a single charge,and you can use it while charging. The receiver functions as intended, and Ihave not experienced any choppy intermittent sound. This is a pretty interesting thing that Ihave also added to a “things for $1 or less” video. It is kind of odd that something like thishas been shipped inside a plastic without any additional protection, but it has arrivedto me unharmed.
I have heard about resurrection plants before.
The small gray plant curls its branches inwardin the dry season, forming a ball that opens only when you water it, even if the rootsare disrupted. I have placed it in the pot and sprayed itwith a bit of water, and one day after it started showing the signs of life. After the roots settle it is supposed to producea flower. I will post periodical updates about it onmy Instagram. The next item in this video is the secondthing from this haul that has been shipped inside a cardboard box.

The box has creased during shipping, but ithas not affected the product, as it has been wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap. Over the last 7 years I only had 2 or 3 itemsthat have arrived damaged, and both have been refunded in full after providing the pictures. Here we have a pineapple light that had freee-packet shipping in this listing, which made it here in 12 days, which by the recent standardsis pretty remarkable. The light works off of 3 AA batteries, andit does not come with any wires. I don’t know if I like that or not becauseI will have to replace them every once in a while, but it also means that I can placeit anywhere I want to.
The light that it produces is soft and non-intrusive.
The surface of the lamp is smooth like warmorganic peanut butter, but the base on the inside and on the bottom looks pretty cheap,which is not unexpected for the price. It is a nice background light, which you willalso see in the future unboxing videos. And right now we will see three items thathave been bought through our affiliate links this week. This is a portable light strip, which comesin 3 different length options.
The price ranges from less than 1 to justa little over 2 dollars, depending on the length, and there are 5 color options. The strip is powered by 2 or 3 AA batteries,depending on the length.
The next item is a Japanese toy called Mokuru. It is a balancing wooden toy that is a simplealternative to fidget spinners from the Land of the Rising Sun. With enough training you can perform prettycool tricks with it and refine your motoric skills.
You can play it just by yourself or, unlikeyour ding dong, with others. And here we have a set of 52 bills from differentcountries. According to the description, the bills arereal, but are out of circulation, i.e.
they are old bills but in a good condition. What I found quite cool is that the set seemsto include North Korean bills.
If you manage to exchange these bills foryour local currency, you can spend your extra cash on things from our previous unboxingvideos, or stock up on some goodies from our cheapest things from AliExpress videos. Cheers! .

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