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Unboxing Haul #5 - Reviewing And Testing Products From #AliExpress | By AliHolic

Unboxing Haul #5 - Reviewing And Testing Products From #AliExpress By AliHolic Hello my dear Aliholics! In this video we will see a few select productsthat we have bought on AliExpress over the past couple of months.
All of them have been used for some time,so I will provide some insight on what you can expect after buying them. As always, all product links are listed inthe description. The first product is a 16Gb micro-SD card. Memory cards is a typical first product thatfirst-time buyers purchase on AliExpress. The reason is simple: they cost significantlymore at retail stores.
I paid $4.34 for this card during the 11.11sale, including shipping, which I think was a great deal, considering that similar capacitycards cost around $20 at local electronics stores.
I have been using mine as a primary storageon my phone for some time, and I had zero issues with it, the same with all other SDcards that I bought on AliExpress. Unfortunately, this card did not come withan SD card adapter, but I had a few of those from before. If you don’t, I will also link a $0.30 USB2.0 card reader that I use at home. Next thing we are going to unbox is the MaihaD007 speaker, that we have previously seen in the video where we reviewed 5 speakersfrom AliExpress ranging from $5 to $25.
This speaker has a long body and 4 channels. It is very loud, and the sound doesn't popat maximum volume.
The M button switches between radio, Bluetoothand auxiliary mode. The bass opens up at 15hz at full volume,but it doesn't sound very crisp. It's legit LOUD, I had to decrease the volumeduring the test because my ears started to hurt.
Bluetooth 2.1 isn't ideal, and occasionallyit may take some time for the sound to buffer. I also found the sound rather flat, much lessdynamic in comparison to similarly priced speakers from Xiaomi and Bluedio. But it is not a bad speaker if loudness isyour main priority, and if you aren't too picky with the sound depth.
Another product is this garlic press, whichI paid $3.21 for. It comes in a cardboard box, which makes ita good product for possible resale.
There are two types of blades, which are easilyinterchangeable. I like the square one, because the piecesend up being smaller, but there also is a linear one if you want them to be bigger. The tray on the top is also removable forcleaning. The plastic does not feel thin or cheap, andthe edges are smooth and pleasant to the touch.
Time-wise, of course, if you have a couplecloves, it is faster to just do it by hands, but if you are cooking something big, thispress can save a significant amount of time.
Here is yet another T-shirt that I orderedfrom AliExpress. This one was just under $10 with free shipping. I usually order them in XL or XXL, with therare exception for listings that explicitly state that the sizes are the usual Europeanor US sized. This t-shirt is no longer sold on AliExpress,and I will not be posting a link to it. Just wanted to mention that despite the description,it was not cotton - instead, it was made out of some synthetic material, and the stitcheswere not very carefully done, with a lot of loose threads.

Instead, I am posting a general link to thebest-selling cotton t-shirts. Double-check the feedback, to make sure theyare indeed cotton, and look at pictures: if the material appears shiny/glossy, it is likelynot going to be cotton. Natural materials, like linen, cotton andsilk are more breathable and they feel nicer and in general more comfortable. As you may have seen in the bathroom thingsfrom AliExpress blog post, we have this ladybug bathroom holder on suction cups that is placedon the mirror. The holder was shipped inside a plastic bag,wrapped in bubble wrap.
The packaging was sufficient to get it tous safely, although I would much rather prefer it to have been shipped in a cardboard box,but for $1 we can’t really expect a lot of extra care.
To be honest, the plastic is rather thin andthe latches don’t make me feel too confident about its’ durability, but as long as wedon’t overload it with stuff, it seems that it will be working fine. It is big enough to fit two electric toothbrushes,a razor and a tongue cleaner. There are a few colors to pick from. The next package is rather large and soft,I wonder what do we have here.
These unicorn slippers are more of a lifestylethan anything else. They are for Maria and totally not for me.
The packaging was nothing special, just aplastic bag inside another plastic bag, but there is probably not a lot of damage plushslippers can sustain during even the harshest handling conditions. The slippers are big, nice and comfy, warmenough to be worn around home during the cold months. The soles are soft and have anti-slip bumpson the outer part.
The golden horn is also soft, and bendable. They look super cute, and they make me happyeach time I look at them. And the last thing that we are going to unboxis this inflatable bed.
They have become very popular and I can seewhy - they are portable, lightweight, very easy to use, and they provide full bed support. The price has dropped drastically since theyfirst became available: I remember them to be around $50 when they first came out, andright now you can get one for less than $20, with free E-Packet shipping to those in USand Canada.
It was shipped inside a plastic bag, withno additional cushioning, but it was not necessary in my opinion. Apparently, it is not very easy to inflateit in a small closed space, so I stepped outside to do it. You need to open it fully, trap as much airas possible, close the opening, fold it in a few times, and close the latch. It looked about 2/3’s full, but it was enoughto support a 75-kg person (not me).
The stitches are fairly well-done, and thematerial seems sturdy enough, but I don’t think it would last much more than a coupleof seasons.
Still, pretty good for under $20, and we willhave plenty of time to test it thoroughly through this summer. .

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