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Xiaomi Black Shark - Water Cooled Marketing Hype Or Legit? 24 Hours Later

Xiaomi Black Shark - Water Cooled Marketing Hype Or Legit? 24 Hours Later hi guys Chris here with Xiaomi's BlackShark this is on the left and this is the Mi Mix 2's that has the same exactchipset so both of these Mobile's have the Snapdragon 845 and both of them have6 gigabytes of RAM now Xiaomi is marketing the black shark that I saidit's got a water-cooled CPU the chipset on here now it's liquid filled it's gotlike a transfer liquid that just it's a chemical reaction inside there withinthe the copper transfer heat pipe now there'll be something very similar inthe show me me mix to it so it is basically just marketing hype marketingBS now I'm running a throttling test here so this is CPU throttling test youcan get it off Play Store now every single CPU out there after a while willthrottle down now it's rotting down to about 80% here you can see on the mimics2s and what's interesting to note that despite all that marketing about somewater-cooled chipset it's actually throttling worseon the black shark here you can see it's got those red marks air it's dippingdown performance to about 65 percent and you'll notice there if you have a lookat the performance figures there you'll see it's actually slightly less now whengaming I have noticed that I can see no visible difference between theperformance and how smooth it is on pop G hit and other games like Shadow 5/3and things like that identical to me so don't fall for that marketing high butyou're gonna get some extra special performance cuz I don't believe it to behonest I don't think it's gonna be really happening and this kind of provesit to me you can see that the thermals and the throttling that's happeningthere is actually of course worse on this one right here now there's been alot of questions about the controller a lot of people that agree with me thatyes they should have used another control on the slide there were someearly press renders that were I don't know whether they will leaked out orthey were just some people's own renders it showed controllers either side nowthis would be a lot more comfortable now I played a couple of hours I've donesome gaming on it now but a pub G and to be honest I don't find the controllerthat good the reason is these triggers at the top they're not really that goodthe the feedback you get from them that saysvery shallow and if you don't click it right on the end right here you noticethat sometimes you get even a missed click so I use this as the trigger andthat as to zoom into the scope with pub G at least so you can map the controlsand I'll show you that I'll get out of this now and that's just to continue ontheir performance is going to stay after about 20 minutes it's still around 70%and that's not to be bad compared to some trips it's like the mediatek onesthey drop down to 30% performance and throttle heavily and you do see lag andgames so you flip the switch there to go into that shark space mode it's calledand you are able to tweak the controls so you've got this menu so if you swipeup on the home button you can also bring up that little quick mean you're soswipe down that's what you have to do and it's going to tell you this the CPUperformance and the GPU a quick little just a little guide there to show you ifit's been stressed out or not so under here so if you click on gamepad run thegamepad before editing hang on oh I got to run a game sorry before I can do thatso I already showed you some of those settings in there so I'll just brieflyrun okay well since I've got I'll go grim soul there's and play this so onceyou've got it loaded up now you can do that so here we go gamepad so for eachgame you're going to have settings here so you're able to move this around so ifyou don't want that to be for example walking so you can use this to walkaround then you simply just move the on-screen control you can prefer it foraiming say in pub G or another game like that then you're able to do that so youcan move that these overlays to wherever you want so that coincides with thebuttons of course on screen because that's just emulating the on-screenbuttons really that's all it is doing so this button here even though it's inChinese that is to save it so just quickly into into here and and to showyou I mean so at the moment you can see that is if it controls there fromwalking around so if I needed to map for example the punch button there theattack button then you just got to swipe again go into the game pad and I need tomove this so you can click the button to see which one it is ok so that's the toplittle shoulder that's the big trigger one so move that trigger over here andthen simply save and you can see I'm at taking there so that's prettystraightforward for every single game it's going to save that setting but youhave to add the game of course into that shark space mode there so there's acouple of people have asked some other things about the LED lighting now thereis a little LED light in here the logo now if you go through some seating menusyou can't actually get it to change colors but you you can't do that all thetime like you have to actually go into a special engineering mode to get this towork and there is a seating here but it looks like it's only detecting Chinesegames and going to work with Chinese games so I'll just quickly show you Igot to get out of this so if you go through into what's called like thelight mode I think it is lighting effects settings and that is all I'm butI mean that's gonna bring up the logo there but it's I can't actually justdemonstrate it on the spot you've got to go and type in this code and then gothrough like the dialer will just code then to get it to go so it's just alittle bit of RGB colors on the back a little bit of gamer bling there sonothing really special now I don't see why a lot of people would actually gofor this mobile phone over for example or something like the me mix twist was amuch better design it's a lot shorter and you could just use a controller likethis so you can dock it into a controller connected up to bluetoothwith games that support it of course and this Bluetooth controller here is justgoing to be so much more comfortable than using just that one side triggerone here now you can use this with other mobile phones that was a common questionof course it's just bluetooth so you can pair it up to any phone any Bluetoothdevice and it's going to work but the mapping the remapping that's not goingto work because you need to have that shark's based program on there the appand of course it's not going to clip in someone's take your ball that foot onthe 1 + 5 t well it will kind of fit in the top there that's fine but this isgonna be loose it's gonna fall off you've got a way to secure it because itif she clips in as I showed in the unboxing video to the top of the thecase there so this screen it's it's good it is actually better there's a fewthings here better than the Memex 2's not viewing and asking for a comparisonso when I've had them side-by-side yeah it definitely is a little bit better thescreen on the black shark here lightly better the loudspeakers so muchbetter the call quality as well as a lot better now within this earpiece as wellthere is actually a microphone so that's why the earpiece is slightly longerbecause it's actually just a mic in here so afford facing might so that's goingto be good for games that support voice chat so pub G again I mean this isreally like a pub G ever ties mobile phone and all their media material theyhave used that haven't they show me so I mean it is looking good but just don'tfall for that hype about the liquid cooled CPU that it's gonna be extraspecial performance wise no it is just like any other Snapdragon 805 devicereally to performance I don't see any difference in my testing and as I showedyou with that thermal throttling test the CPS trotting test that it actuallyperforms worse than the me mix to it so and it's not great as it really there'shappening so I'm working towards my review today I will have the Mi 6x andI hope to have next week than Mi Gaming Laptop fronting so putting more show medevices coming up in the channel so please do subscribe and if you like thisvideo please hit the like there and also hope to see you back to with moreupcoming videos thanks so much for watching this .

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