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Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Unboxing - Not Worth It

Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Unboxing - Not Worth It Chris here and I have in my hands todaythe Mi 8 Explorer edition finally it is out and finally shipping fromChina but it is quite expensive in fact a lot more you have to pay for thismodel currently at the time of this video over the standard me eight that Ireviewed so in this video I'm not going to go into an extreme amount of detaillike it did with the other phone there your standard edition so the me eightI've already reviewed I've covered that I've done camera comparison so pleaserefer to those videos if you want more information about the cameras benchmarksand things like that I will cover only just the minimum hereand focus on the three key differences so this model here has now 3d faceunlocking proper 3d mapping it is the first Android phone to do that it has anin-screen fingerprint reader and unfortunately that in screen fingerprintreader tech comes at the cost of of the battery capacity so it's been reducedfrom three thousand four hundred million hours in the meet eight to only threethousand now so that's going to impact of course the battery life it won't beas long on this one as it is on the me eight and then the rear of it we have atransparent back so you can look at the layout of the internals but what you'relooking at isn't actually the internals directly they're put like a plastic overthe top of it so just looks fancy and it's very pretty to look at andsomething different now show me were to put just the chipset the RAM the ufsstorage all exposed and then just the glass that chipset of course wouldoverheat so you can see the reasoning why they've done that so this model Ipicked up here from trading chins in and it's very hard to get hold of at themoment everyone's got to go through basically dealers and the price of it isjust so inflated but it will be coming down eventually once more of these getout into the market so you can see the packaging the box here is twice as bigas the typical standard version the me eight so obviously they've donesomething a little bit different here and nothing on the black back of it sojust got the slip on the top okay so you can see there is the phone and they'veput a transparent case around it so that's the same theme of course as thecase on the rear of this phone so take a look and see what else we get in thisbox here so there's something right here they've actually put this in angerthis time and Chinese so if you'd like to read that then go ahead now and pausethe video and under that we have our type c2 USB cable but this time aroundit is red so they've made just an aesthetic little change there to make itlook a little different and then the little charger so this israted to 12 volts 1.5 amps maximum output quick charge 3 and even thecharger plug has a red accent to it and then lastly we have this slip here sothis will probably have the warranty cards and it should have our casehopefully show me has changed the case here instead a TPU style one and give ussomething a little different so warranty card something beer in Chinese the simtool and then of course the 3.5 millimeter jack adapter so no 3.5 mmheadphone jack on this and no micro SD support so if you need both of thosethen on this obviously is not the fun to get so yes it looks like they havechanged the case here slightly different transparent back it on it which is greatso you can still look at those internals and then it's just a rubber around theoutside so it just has this protective film over the screen that's just fortransit obviously that comes off and I will check the weight of it why not justto see if it's going to be lighter or heavier so 177 grams and 7.8 millimetersthick that's without the camera which just sticks out a little bit that bringsit up then to 8.5 millimeters with for camera taking a look at that extra widenot sure even that top is or they could have slimmed that down a little bit buthey you know it's what it is and we just have to accept that it doeshave a very nice AMOLED panel on and oh so the earpiece rather small they didhave to size that down for the tick they've put in here the front-facingcamera you can see obviously and then a little hard to make out because it isquite dark here we've got an additional couple of sensors right here on the topyou can see the middle frame here is rounded off smooths off nicely we have2.5 dhhs on the glass and 10 aligns there and then just the microphone onthe top so that secondary mic of course is for noise cancellation and calls andthen for video as well and then a very minor change here to those metal buttonson the right hand side they've painted the power button nowread the volume rockin is power button they're both made out of metal they havea good feeling to them and they do not rattle around like some phones so alongthe bottom you'll find a single loud speaker even though it looks like - it'sin fact one of them is just the microphone I'll type C port then twoantenna lines so the me eight and the me eight Explorer they're not gonna win anyrecords here for having the smallest chin in the world it's still quiteobvious there and I really wish that that actually put capacitive touch menukeys in this space elites make use of it now that's SIM tray which is on the lefthand side it is made out of metal and it does have a rubber gasket around it sothat's gonna help keep out water if you accidentally did happen to get a littlebit on it and even dust - in the long run and now on to the cool part of thephone here so here's the transparent back we'll have the layout of the chipshead so it says snapdragon on there you can see and obviously this is allactually just fake but the screws do look real those screws that are holdingit into place there they in fact look real so the markings on the chip that'sQualcomm logo it says Qualcomm Snapdragon just below it it says AIengine and then just lists like the part number for that to make it look likeyou're looking at the real chips here and like I mentioned at the start ifthis was all exposed and this was what it actually looked like then it wouldoverheat straight away you get thermal throttling and then with the - a 12megapixel cameras on the rear it says dual camera there and it's just listingthe fact that it's a 1.4 micrometers in size the pixels on that main sensor andthis area right here you're looking at that Sears innovation for every one thatwould be where the NFC antenna is so on the rear we have the me logo there andyou can see another fake printed circuit board where the realtalk screw screwingit into place and it reads be the coolest company in the hearts of ourusers and here it is in the case which of course fits perfect leads from themanufacturer it says designed by Xiaomi in Beijing 8th anniversary edition andyou can still see all of those pretty looking internals and around the top itcovers the screen nicely so perfect cutouts therethe top microphone for the ports at the bottom and it does raise up a little bitso if you were to put this flat face flat down it won't touch the screen butonly just overall a very nice case and feels great in hand build quality of thephone overall is very good it is definitely a flagship premium phone sothe rear of it definitely stands out it looks a lot different than your typicalphone and I actually like it I think it looks alright it's a nice change so eventhough what we're looking at is fake I know that's going to disappoint a lot ofpeople if it wasn't fake and if it was the shielding electromagnetic shieldingthe heats better for the chipset anything this is what we would actuallybe looking at something like that you can see with my me six so of courselooking at that is not as nice as looking at even though it's fake thiscircuit board layout okay so just jump straight into thephone here I've gone through the setup already I've covered all of this thedisplay and various other things in my unboxing video of the standard modelsthis one so please do check that out if you want more information so it is stillnot shipping with me away ten that is still in beta but later on at some pointit will be shipping with me UI ten there now if you're like me you're probablywondering where is the status LED well here it is it's actually inside theearpiece now they've had to have moved it and it's just in white so wonder ifthis is going to compromise that earpiece even further having to reducethe size of it even over than me eight standard edition so now I'm gonna add myface here it's asking for your 3d face data and you can see there is a littledisclaimer at the bottom still telling you that it's not going to be as secureas a password but this myth it should be a lot better than the 2d face scanningwhich can be full quite easily so I've got the camera and all the other rubbishin the way I'm gonna see if I can do this on camera okay it's telling me tolook at it turn my head to the right oh my eyes wider to my head to the rightokay I think I need to get a little closerokay opem eyes wider is it scanning my face turn your head to the leftdone it I load my head okay actually that is done it took alittle while longer because of course I've got the camera and the tripod inthe way there now let's see how this worksso obviously gonna have to wait the phone first and now that was very quickvery quick I'll do that again yeah that is really fast okay so now you can't seeanything I'm gonna try this now in complete darkness almost and that'sstill really quick okay it takes a little while longer but so far thatseems to be pretty impressive not bad at all and then on to the fingerprintreader now so I'm setting it up as you can see it's your typical setup so youneed to move your finger slightly you get the vibration to confirm it'sscanned it and you can see it is lighting up there on the screen sothat's the space we have so that is now done and I lock the phone and now youcan see it's just popped up like the vivo NEXS and that's been not too badthat is fast I don't think that's too too much slower really than the realfingerprint reader on the meat eight okay a little bit slower there try thatagain so you can see where you need to place your finger now this been anAMOLED panel I am slightly concerned in the long run about screen burn so ifit's always going to be that set error eye area I can imagine that after maybetwo or three years you will see or even less than that after you might see alittle burn in there so hopefully show me it's just gonna move that animationslightly but yeah that speed is good know also did want to check out thatdual frequency GPS so it is actually working properly here getting anaccuracy of around about now four to three meters and it's locking on andusing every single satellite and what was happening with my in the eight thestandard edition you could say is that I tested it again just before I ended upselling that model that it would get the accuracy of around three or four andthen it always keeps showing an accuracy of about 8 meters double this onehere but it seems that that's either been fixed hardware-wise here or they'vefixed it and via software which is good to see so there we go this is a shortervideo from me because yes I've already covered this mobile phones that's why Ijust wanted to focus on what is different here but I can summarize veryquickly having owned the Mi 8 for quite some times I had that one for about six weeksand a year said it is a good phone then notch obviously you're either gonna loveit or hate it what annoyed me wasn't the size of theknotch more but it was just the fact you couldn't see some notificationsstraight away that you had to slide the notifications down to view everythingand it's not gonna be there at the top that's just a minor thing but it'ssomething you need to bear in mind and also bear in mind that this model where400 million hours less means that it will charge probably under two hours sothe full charge times will be faster of than the Mi 8 in my testing but then the fullbattery life you're probably looking about around about an hour less of onscreen time so this one will get around under ideal conditions on wirelesscontinuous use about 8 hours of on-screen time whereas you'll get around9 perhaps 9 Plus on them me 8 the standard edition so it does look reallynice I think it actually looks nice I do like the look of this here and then ofcourse we've got that fingerprint reader I'll demonstrate that again it's quicknot quite as fast as the rear one but it's a lot faster than I thought it wasgoing to be and I have used the vivo Nix s I reviewed that one which seemed to bearound about the same speed as this perhaps even a little bit slower thereso the speed as I feel is perfectly fine for that fingerprint reader but youprobably won't actually be using it you'll be using the face unlocking so Ilock the phone and then I tap to unlock and you can hear that confirmation noisethat it unlocked straight away so no one's probably ever going to actually beusing the fingerprint reader once you set up face unlocking my test it wasalmost pitch black in here there was no light whatsoever I put the shutters downeverything and it worked fine it unlocked quite quickly now the securitywise a password as they even mention what the disclaimer is going to be moresecure than this so it is a nice phone the build quality is good it has anAMOLED panel right now that price is just ludicrousin their right mind we'll be buying one of these only us crazy youtubers thatwant to review it and get some views I will be doing something like that so ofcourse wait for the price to drop down at the moment dealers have got it are thisvery very limited stock show me only putting out a few every week or so butonce they go past there once a lot of units are out there they're in themarket that price is going to start to really plummet and then it may be worthconsidering but me personally if I was going to be looking between the Mi 8and then the Mi 8 Explorer it's a no-brainer for me save the money go forthe me eight I mean you got the same exact phone you've got better batterylife on that one unless of course you must have that really flash looking backon it and you wanna well your friends or someone with the in-screen fingerprintreader even though you won't be using it you'll be using the three-deep faceunlocking so as I mentioned in this video a couple of times police do checkmy review of the me eight and then camera comparisons are also over in thedescription further videos on the meet eight thank you so much for watching andI do hope to catch you back in the next one bye for now .

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