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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Unboxing & Hands-On Review

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Unboxing & Hands-On Review So this was released about a week ago inChina it is the Xiaomi Mi notebook Pro so it's 15.6 inches with a 1080p screen onit it's their largest laptop now and I was personally waiting for some time forthem to release something larger than their 13.3 inch model that I've alsoreviewed and the 12.5 inch one they're both very decent laptops but they're notperfect the 13.3 inch version does get very hot to the touch up to about 50degrees Celsius when you push it really hard now they did say there's improvedcooling in this newer model comes in this dark gray color which really doeslook quite cool and it does have type-c ports on there two of them but noThunderbolt 3 also 2 USB 3 ports backlit keyboard SD card reader wireless AC 60watt hour battery and it's powered by the i5 8250U this is the latest eighthgeneration chips or the I7 8550U so quad cores we've gone from dual core 2 quadit should be a lot more powerful than the likes of the 13-inch model so let'sget this one here unbox check it out in greater detail so there are three thingsto be aware of when you buy this model and that is the fact that it's going tocome with Windows 10 in Chinese there's a couple of ways around that you caneither backup the drivers do a clean install or you can upgrade from Windows10 home that it probably will come with to Windows 10 Pro so even though theyhave used the original box you can see it is well packaged up so it's doubleboxed and that is padding either side you see the retail packaging has a veryApple look to it just like the Mac books okay so it's packaged up quite wellthere there's padding on the top of this too so okay so it feels actually quiteheavy but is a lot heavier than the previous models but the smaller modelsof course 13 inches this weighs around two kilos I will measure that in just aminute but we'll have a look and see what else we get in the box here so wehave this leaflet here which is probably the warranty and guarantee card thingslike that that'll all be in Chinese which it is unless just a quick start- again it's all in Chinese there is a type C - type-c cable and then thecharger which is 65 watts with a maximum output of 20 volts 3.2 amps and it isthat two prong style and it is a one point nine seven nine kilo so almost twokilos there and approximately fifteen point eight millimeters thick that iswithout the rubber feet with those feet there and that comes up then to almostnineteen millimeters so it has definitely been opened sadly but I amreally loving this darker gray so that space gray color looks really goodawesome really I wish more manufacturers would start releasing tech with thiscolor and not just the standard silver all that champagne gold we see a lot ofout of China so testing the lid there that is very firm there's hardly anyflex and that feels good so on the left hand side you'll find a full size HDMIout 2 USB 3 ports 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that does supportmicrophones then on the right side status LED - type-c ports there's a USB3.1 spec SD card slot sadly they did not make one of these type-c portsThunderbolt 3 I feel that's a bit of an error so the vents are along the bottomhere this is the intake vent and it will vent out just in front of the screen sothe design the way they have this laid out exactly like the 13.3 inch versionwe have along here of course five rubber feet they are propped up slightly higheron the rear which is good to see and then there are nine Torx screws oneshidden under here I will open this case off later on we'll have a look at theinternals now these girls either side are for their speakers which areinfinity Harman branded ones with Dolby Atmos down the front there's a cutouthere for opening it up let's have a look and see if it can be opened upone-handed which it can right so a very large touchpad on herethat is really nice the size of that I do like the look of this color thisdarker gray looks really nice and then the black keys of course are differentto the silver ones we have on the other models like the 12.5 inch version then13.3 and you'll notice here we have a fingerprint reader so there's a littlebit of flex there but really that is not bad at all I am pushing very hard herethe key travel they feel like quality keys very nice I can see we've gotshortcuts there for the brightness control volumes but we do OB do thereprint screen backlit keyboard disable the touchpad as wellnow this backlit keyboard will probably be exactly the same as the other modelsthat after 13 seconds it will turn off and it's either on or off there's noin-between settings with the brightness of those keys so this is a little hardto capture on camera but the keys aren't exactly 100% flat it's like they have alittle bit of a a con curve to them which is a nice touch so there's awebcam up the top there with two microphones either side so it's dualarray mice you can just see them the tiny little holes there either side thescreen henge feels really firm a lot more firmer than the likes of the 12.5or 13-inch models it really is quite good no complaints with that a littlebit of flex in the screen there but nothing to worry about really therewould be some of course with such a large screen now I've noticed with itthere's this plastic lip it's not rubber like on some laptops from a Zeus there'sin book series but actually just a hard plastic that goes all around and whatthat will do was prevent that screen from scratching up against the palm restor the keyboard there now this shouldn't take too long imagine it's already beenset up I can see if someone's got an account on that and men and yeteverything is in Chinese so first impressions here of the display it looksdecent it is an IPS panel because if you see the viewing angles it's not a TNpanel it's not shifting out I mean they wouldn't do something that silly wouldthey show me would not put a TN panel into their premium 15.6 inch laptop butbecause it is fifteen point six inches 1080p you will see pixels looking at thescreen really close you can see what I mean I've assumed right endthe Windows Start button there while the home button and you can see the pixelsindividual pixels if you really look close enough but looking at the screenfrom a normal distance because I don't look at the screen that close it lookslike any other 15.6 inch display however of course it's just got a few morereflections because it's covered with glass and this is also the maximum thatthe screen will recline back which isn't bad at all so the screen I think I wonthe lottery here with the IPS bleed or light leakage and glow around thecorners because it doesn't seem to have any now you'll notice that the blacks onit they aren't quite as dark as the bezelthat's around the outside you can just make out the difference between the twoof them there notice as I said super reflector butalso fingerprints smudges and all that sort of stuff is showing up on thescreen quite quickly with that glass cover our met coated screen wouldprobably be a little bit more practical I feel so and if they've got glass onthere like I normally feel that if they make it a glass screen why not make italso support touch as well but that probably would have pushed the priceright out so allowing the brightness now it's not on 100% that's about 40 at themoment so if I increase it right up to 100 sorry that's a volume that's ahundred percent seems reasonable measure that in my full review and in doing itright down here to zero it's very dark then and it becomes a reflective mirrorokay so I'm trying to add English here but no like it doesn't seem to work youreally I think you need to actually be in China or something to get it todownload the english-language pack so what I have to do later on is justupgrade to Windows 10 Pro and then install my language pack so I have goneinto the device manager and we'll have a look there you can see that's the 8thgen the newest latest Intel so it's the 8250 you that I have on here now if youwant slightly faster I don't think it's gonna actually be worth it though to getto I 78550 and it depends how hot this gets to that one will probably generatea bit more heat too but it clocks up a little bit higher I think it's about 600megahertz turbo more that you get on that version the i7 one so we have awhat I think is a samsung PM 961 so that should be nice and fast I'll benchmarkthat shortly and the fingerprint relat reader is an e LAN the same as the meanair 13 same for the wireless too so we've got the Intel Wireless dual bandAC 82 65 which is quite a fast chipset too so just to confirm a couple ofthings here you must charge from this port here not that one I plugged it inand actually came up with a pop-up saying use the other port while a logoand icon telling me to do that SD cards do not sit in flush and it seems themaximum speed this slot supports sadly is only about 30 megabytes per secondnow my card that I have in there at the moment is a samsung pro plus card amicro SD and the adapter here you can see and it should support almost up to80 or even faster so it's a real shame it's not running at the full speed so myEnglish language pack has installed now that's downloaded I have to reboot andeverything then should be in English but while that was going on I did benchmarkthe drive here you can see the results now bear in mind that there were thingsgoing on in the background so it could possibly a little bit faster than thisbut that is not the fastest MVM e drive that they have used in this which is aslight disappointment there because of course there are drives that got toaround 3,000 reads and 1500 sequential writes but this one a little bit slowerbut still very good performance just benchmarking that wireless card here somy fiber line can do a maximum of 300 megabits per second and it's gettingvery close to that which is impressive because I am about to Rooms distanceaway from that router but I found that the Intel dual band AC 80 to 65 performsreally well and you can see those results there are very decent nowlooking at the RAM configuration here it says that we have two of two slots usedform factor so dim however I think this is incorrect I hope I'm wrong becausethat means we can go along and upgrade the RAM hopefully that is the casecrossing my fingers here the RAM is running at 2400 megahertz which is goodthat's dual channel of course now I did run Geekbench before here we'll have alook at the scores both the compute score as well so that's using the GPU sofirst up as the CPU score this has double the speed of the 13.3 inchversion with decay B Lake I 5 7000 200 you so this model of course has twomore cause eight threads and the 13-inch model only has two cores four threads sothat's why we've got a massive increase there on the multi-core score so thatshould be beneficial especially when encoding things like 4k video and allthat and the single core score is up around about 600 points there also overthat other model the 13-inch model now the compute score so this is the OpenCLscore comes out to be about four thousand sorry three thousand pointshigher due to the fact probably that that CPU is just helping out a littlebit being a bit faster there so not much of a difference there between the twomodels on the mx1 five-o so the speaker's we have a downwards firing nowthe location of them on the bottom I'm not a big fan of because you can't blockthem if you do end up using it on your lap so they are Infinity branded onesthey're harman infinity with Dolby Atmos software that's basically just like anequalizer that tweaks to get the best performance out of them so let's have alisten to how they sound so as you can hear from that quicksample there they sound really quite good they go a bit of treble to themsome bass there too as well they do sound quite rich overall I'm quite happywith the sound of these speakers they do sound so much better than the previousmodels as well they've been proved things a little bit I do believe theyput out about an extra half of what more the the power output from those twospeakers so just had a bit of a type on this keyboard and it does feel reallygood this is a great keyboard they have used in it it's a step up from the onesand the 12.5 inch and 13.3 inch models differently same goes for this macbooklike touchpad that is very large it is really nice to use this one here verygood I do like the feel of us and I'll go as far as to say it's probably thebest touchpad now that I have used in any Chinese device same goes for thekeyboard really it is a really decent keyboard so here's a look at the backlitkeyboard as you can see lights up individually each of those keys thereand after 13 seconds it will automatically turn off if you're notusing the keyboard so have a peek at the internals here was a little difficult toget the case off just by the fact that the plastic clips all around the outsidewill on really really hard so to take it off you need a t5 Torx screwdriver bitthat's the same exact one that they used on the other models there so we have a600 watt hour battery not a lot of room for it as you can see because of themotherboard two cooling fans the very thin ones and just the one copper pipethere they're not separated so they haven't got one just for the CPU thenone for the GPU so far thermals have been good it hasn't got hot to the touchor anything like that but I do need to push it hard gaming to really find outjust how hot it will get and will it get up to 50 degrees to the touch on the topof it like the 13 inch version hopefully not so there is space here for a future4G LTE version which will probably be an exclusive kind of like Chinese model theultimate model something like that it will come out later on so it is asamsung PM 9 6 1 mve SSD so it's interesting to see that when ibenchmarked it that it's not running at the full speed of the potential thatthis drive so is this only pci times two that's thequestion there or is it set up as times four which hopefully it should beotherwise that is really stupid if they have done that so here we have a setterthree SSD Bay 22 by eighty I put my drive in there I'm going to put it inthere so if you want to store like a terabyte of files then this is the oneto do it on a slower storage put that and it's great to have this optionoverall the build quality is excellent in here no complaints whatsoever itlooks very decent oh and just to add those decent sounding speakers they dohave the Infinity branding on them as well now I did take a peek at the RAMit's located under this copper heat shielding the sink and everything copperheatsink we cannot upgrade the RAM it's not so dumb it is soldered to themotherboard unfortunately so if you need 16 gigabytes of RAM for editing your 4kvideos then you're gonna have to buy the 16 gigabyte version so the bias ispretty much locked out to the end-user there's no real settings we can changein here apart from the boot order you can set the secure boot to be disabledyou just have to put a password in first and yes Linux does run on this systemokay so the me notebook pro is looking very promising here the panel on it1080p panel so it's going to be the sharpest but it is a very decent pen orthat they have put in this a brightness seems sufficient enough I'll have thatmeasured in my full review but just using it I'm very happy with this panelI was a little bit concerned that it could be a very poor panel that theyhave chosen for this but it's definitely not the case here no concerns there sothe touchpad it's really nice and large fingerprint reader incorporated and itdoes work really well it's super quick unlocking to get in with Windows helloso no typing out your password simply place your finger there and it goesstraight into Windows now the keyboard this is a step up from the previousmodel so the twelve point five inch and the 13.3 inch models the keyboards aregood they're very nice keyboards backlit as well but there's silver now we've gotthis black one with the contoured kind of keys and it just feels so much betterthe feedback you get from it typing on it the travel as well has improved alittle bit really really nice keyboard this is perhaps one of the best touchpads and keyboard combinations that I have used on a Chinese device at leastso the thermals and temperatures and battery life and gaming performancevideo encoding and all that will be tested all in the final review I willhave a separate gaming review of this model here just to see also how hot it'sgoing to get that's one area of concern I do have so I've found a couple ofminor cons here and that is that the SD card doesn't sit right in and it's notrunning at full speed it's only limited to about 30 megabytes per second readingrights which is not good for transferring large files I'm going tohave to use my USB 3 adapter for that for my SD cards so that's not a massiveissue there the other thing is that the PM 961 that samsung SSD doesn't seem tobe performing at the full PCIe times 4 speeds not sure what's up with that Ihave to investigate that a little bit more and really that is about at thesounds quality out of those Infinity Harman speakers they do sound reallydecent they're quite rich they're got some bass to them some treble as youheard from my sample and I brought shaping up to be a really good notebookit is a bit heavier compared to definitely the 13-inch model so pushingalmost 2 kilos you do notice that but the weight is distributed quite well andso far thermals touching it hasn't got hot to the touch like the the me 13would have by now but of course in my gaming review I'm pretty sure that Iwill find out very quickly where it will overheat or not so I hope to see youback with my further up and coming videos of this particular model here andthank you so much for watching this if you do have any questions please let meknow down in the comments there bye for now .

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